Rydia of Mist CotH version

Rydia of Mist is a very young girl of blessed circumstances who places her trust in those not of this world.

Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
Name: Rydia of Mist
Nicknames: None
Race: Human
Gener: Female
Age: 8 (19)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Pets: None
Place of Origin: Mist/Norune Village, Baron
Currently Located: Earth, The FF Manor
Height: 3'8½" (5'4½'')
Weight: 42 (102) lbs.
Hair Color: Light Lime Green
Eye Color: Light Blue-ish Silver
Occupation: Caller
Likes: Maybe Edge, her powerful Beasts
Appears In: Clash of the Heroes (I-V)

Bio: Rydia was a young girl born several years ago from a pure bloodline of Callers. She was raised and cherished by not only, of course, her own parents but by everyone in her whole village.Her abilities as a Caller live up to her pure heritage. The power of Calling is greater in children than in adults and greater in women than in men; the inhabitants of the Illusionary World are inclined to surrender their hearts to the pures of the body, mind, and soul. One could say that the young Rydia has been blessed with the most perfect of all conditions to develop these abilities to their utmost potentials. Because she had lived in the Illusionary World for quite awhile Rydia went from being a eight year old girl to a young woman and grew much stronger as a true Caller. After Rydia comes back to Mist from the Illusionary World she tries to rebluid the village with some help from Edge, who in fact she likes very much so, but ofen denys it. Rydia's two most powerful Beasts are The Mist Dragon and the great Lord Bahamut.

Special Attacks:
Call, Black Magic, and White Magic

Special Items:
Items' Names: Her Blitz and Flame Whips

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