Monica Raybrandt Pink Angel From Dark Cloud 2

Monica, Kikkia, and Clarie all saw Max's death with their own eyes right before Clarie had run off crying in very deep saddness.

Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
Name: Monica Raybrandt
Nicknames: Moni (Only Max used call her this)
Race: Terrian born with dead Black Witch Blood
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: Unknown
Pets: None
Place of Origin: Terra, Seda's Black Kingdom
Currently Located: Earth, The FF Manor
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 114 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Pink/Red
Eye Color: Dark Pink/Red
Occupation: Blue Light Scout
Likes: Unknown
Appears In: Clash of the Heroes (I-V)

Bio: Monica, her father, Seda, and mother Sophia lived in the ''Black Blood Kingdom'' before it's end by Dica Dellaciio hands.
But then one day, a young girl named ''Kikkia Jade Lacie'' showed up and had Monica join her team known as the ''Blue Light Scouts.''

Personalities: Monica is very cheerful, cute, sweet, smart, and super happy, but as Pink Angel she has way to much energy to burn off when in a battle.

Special Attacks:
Attack 1: ''Angel Deadly White Winged Tempest!!''
Attack 2: ''WAAHHHH!!'' (Uses her sword, the ''7th Heaven'' or her armband, the ''Moon Armlet'')

Special Items:
Items' Names: Her Gold and Bright Pink Moon Pen

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