Particularly the World Wars, (mostly World War two, that being my favorite time period), and the Cold War. I'm also interested in European History. I would absolutely die for the chance to see the actual structures of the Nazi Concentration Camps or the historic castles - touching and living history is so much more interesting than a text book!
I plan on becoming one of the world authorities on UFOs, Alien Phenomena, etc. I want to join my region's branch of MUFON so that I can learn to investigate properly, because having had two bizarre experiences of my own, I firmly believe there is something going on that the public is not aware of.
Anime & Manga
Although I enjoy a large variety of anime and manga, (i.e. Tsubasa, Chrono Crusade), my current obsession is with Axis Powers: Hetalia. In the story, each of the world's nations is personified as a human, and his personality and other traits are determined by statistics or stereotypes from his/her country. For example, America: he loves hamburgers, and he will always try to be the hero. North Italy loves pasta and is very lazy, while South Italy, once with Spain, loves tomatoes. France is the romantic, and has been, as England put it, "in heat for a thousand bloody years!" My favorite countries are Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and England.
Someday I hope to travel across all of Europe, from England to Russia. -daydreaming-
Physics, Metaphysics, the Universe, etc
This is a subject of infinite possibility and fascination in my life. I'm particularly interested in the "parallel worlds" theory, and I'm slowly working my way into understanding M-Theory as well as making my own. Currently, I have a theory of how black holes and the theoretical white holes could connect to the parallel universe theory through the exchange of information. I may not be a physicist, or even a scientist, but if you would like to hear it you are more than welcome. Maybe we can come up with an awesome theory together?


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