Zreti Enaid

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Author: Jenna Parrott
Race: Mutt. No really, she's 1/4 Mysteria, 1/4 Ranir (he is his own race?) and 1/2 Dark.
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown. Appears to be around 30.
Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Origin: Outside of Mysidia.
Currently Located: Only she knows.
Height: 5' 3" 4' at the shoulders in wolf form.
Weight: ?
Hair Color: Golden with black streaks. Platinum blonde with black accents in wolf form.
Eye Color: Liquid gold.
Occupation: Scythe-master
Nickname(s): No appropriate ones.
Appears In: She's also in all of them.


Zreti grew up with Blaidd, and has been his best friend for as long as either can remember. When Drwg took Blaidd and Peridot to Zot and sent the Inquisitors after Kunzite, she was devastated. A few months after Blaidd's kidnapping, Zreti had her first set of twins. Ignis and Sadi were inseparable, and the two brought joy to Zreti. Around the time the twins were 13, they were kidnapped by Zeromus (disguised as his father Drwg). Zeromus put Zreti's kids in a cell while he waited for Zreti to come. When she did come, she was greeted in a most unpleasant way. After she refused to join the Chaos, she was given to some minions while Zeromus took Sadi and had his way with her while seeding her mind with Chaos. Eventually Zreti was forced to either kill her daughter or see her consumed by Chaos. Zreti only ended Sadi's pain after Sadi asked it of Zreti.

Time for dinner, I'll finish this later.


When she was young, Zreti was very happy and outgoing. After Blaidd was taken to Zot and some very traumatizing events occurred, she became very withdrawn. Now that Kunzite has returned, she is slowly becoming the person she once was, though she will never be the same. And as long as Drwg is out to get her, she will always be wary.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Shift: Shift into her wolf form
  • Rage: She is consumed by rage. Her eyes appear to burn liquid gold, a dark area would be lit. In this state she is nearly invincible, but her mind is left open to be tainted by Chaos.
  • Flame: Produces a flame of any color. Color of the flame is dependent on her mood or on her sense of humor. She has been known to set people on fire with a color that either reflects their personality or clashes with them.

Special Items

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  • Rhipio: Her double-edged scythe. The top has reversed serration, the bottom is just plain sharp.

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