Zian Fox

Zian` Fox is the daughter of Anaecia and Red Fox. She can be a bit of a brat, loud and bossy and a bit of a trickster, but she has a good heart and good intentions. A leader by nature she tends to charge ahead, usually without thinking everything through. On iRO Zian` is a baby rogue, built for hunting and for stealth (she is not specifically a gank or intimidate build, she’s just a really dodgy fighter). In the story Zian` is still a rogue, however also knows some kitsune magic and knows some assassin skills she learned from her father.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Human/Kitsune/Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 6 or 7 when she really enters the story as a character.
Date of Birth: No real known date but her birthday was celebrated on Christmas
Place of Origin: (again, this is iffy since she was born in the darkness. so I guess the Nether)
Currently Located: Probably Comodo
Height: 3’ 7” (eventually grows to be 5’ 8”)
Weight: 67 lbs (eventually grows to be 122 lbs)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: gold
Occupation: Rogue
Nickname(s): none
Appears In: NS4W (No Sleep For The Wicked)


Zian` Fox is the daughter of Red Fox and Anaecia Fox. Her birth was not a normal one, as she was taken from her mother while she was still in the womb by the god of chaos, Loki. Loki took Zian` because of Lotheria’s wishes. Lotheria had said she wanted a child and so Loki stole Ana and Red’s child (which I believe was also due to one of Lotheria’s prophecies). Zian` was taken into the darkness of the Nether, where she was raised. Loki used dark magics to make Zian` grow quickly. He fed her darkness and raised her within the darkness. Eventually Zian` was returned to her parents on Christmas because Lotheria rejected Cul. After being returned to her parents Zian` grew up to be a hot-headed thief, and a natural leader. Eventually she made her decision to take the test to become a Rogue like her mother, rather than an Assassin like her father. Zian` ‘s decision to become a Rogue was mostly because she wanted to be more like her mother, but also because she liked the idea of living only for what she wanted, and what she felt was right. (this is how she sees the ideal of the Rogue. She feels that there’s too much structure for her in the Assassin’s guild)


Zian` is loud and hot-tempered, almost always speaking her mind. She rarely sugar-coats things, instead saying however she feels straight out, though she does know when is a good time to tell a lie, and how to craft a good lie. Like her father she has a gift for conning people, though she prefers not to use it unless necessary. Zian` is also a natural born leader, almost always knowing how to get through a situation, and knowing how to lead a group with ease (as long as that group listens to what she says). Zian` is very protective of her friends and family, to the point where she will instantly attack any who threaten those she cares about. On a side note Zian` also is drawn to shiny things and to expensive things. She also has a taste for PecoPecos, and is sometimes found stalking the Pecos that Knights and Crusaders ride. (she has been caught more than once latched onto some poor Knight or Crusader’s PecoPeco’s back by the teeth)

Skills and Abilities

Zian` ‘s skills in the story and her skills in the game differ greatly. I’m not yet sure what skills she has in the way of story as I haven’t gotten to actually roleplay her much. This means that for now there won’t be any skills listed here other than hiding.

  • Hiding: Like the skill in RO. Dissapears from view/cannot be seen.

Special Items

She doesn’t really have many that I know of yet…

  • Kitsune Mask: A mask that, when sitting on the side of her head makes her appear human. When she puts the mask on all of her kitsune features appear. If the mask is ever taken off it snaps back onto her face and she looks like a kitsune again.

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