Zharcaor is the first Detark Sapham as well as the maker of the orbs that allow the Detark Sapham and other Xheirlhoh Dheh Tahrlkah Xhiakhirhom to exist.
He is frequently referred to as the Lord of Time, and very occasionally the Lord of Death.


Author: Xovq
Name Pronunciation: zhar-KA-OR
Nickname: Zhar
Race: Detark Sapham: Ekhaorlh Xheirlhoh Dheh Tahrlkah Xhiakhirhom
Gender: Male
Currently Located: Zhazous, Androria
Weight: 15,411 lbs.
Eye Color: White
Occupation: Guardian of the Zharine/Blind Elves, Orbsmith
Element: Time
Number of Orbs: 1
Color: Byzantium
Cardinal Direction: West
Average Life Span: 7 months
Regeneration Time Span: 5 Months
Orb Repair Time: 65 years (without a prepared spare, it would be closer to 200 years)
Appears In: Shadow's Words


Zharcaor is an odd shape shifting creature that acts as the guardian of the Blind Elves and has the ability to warp the time in and around him. There is frequently a pocket of accelerated time around him, because his unusual body would normally operate and move at an incredibly slow pace. This time pocket causes things round him to age and often die if he lingers in the same spot for too long. It is for this reason that he keeps a fair amount of distance from living things he does not want to harm. Despite his concern, there are certain individuals (Keosarka) who simply won't keep their distance.

His body is fluid and elastic, which allows him to easily change his shape, however, he cannot change his colors, or the actual texture of his skin. His skin is smooth and transparent with a bluish glow. Beneath the transparent skin, a purplish liquid, which is also somewhat transparent, is visible. Between the liquid and the underside of the skin are patches of a substance that form various designs and patterns. This substance is also purple, but it is lighter and more saturated than the liquid beneath.

His body is rather delicate, and high maintenance compared to the other Detark. Not only that, it is impossible to repair and is difficult to rebuild. The reason why he has such a body because its time manipulation and shape-shifting capabilities along with it's high capacity to multitask make him the optimal Orbsmith.


He is quiet and reserved by nature and he generally has a rather serious demeanor. Despite this, he does seem find enjoyment in mimicking the forms of specific individuals when no one official is around. Zharcaor is also incredibly patient, even stubbornly patient.

Skills and Abilities

  • Shape-shifting: Zharcaor can change his shape to look like whatever he wants it to, but he cannot change his colors. The ability to liquefy his bones and muscles and his ability to consciously alter the shape of his elastic skin allows him to change shape.
  • Time manipulation : This is used to speed up his body so that he appears to move at a normal speed, but it can be used to speed up his movements beyond the point that he can not be seen, or slow it down considerable to enter a state of hibernation. The field of altered time can in fact extend beyond his body. The distance depends on the amount of time acceleration.

Special Items

  • Master Orb: As with all Detark Sapham, the consciousness is linked to the body through the orb(s). Unlike the other Detark Sapham, however, Zharcaor only has one orb, or the Master Orb. Having a diameter of 12 inches, the Master Orb is the largest out of the 91 Detark Sapham orbs. It is also the most powerful orb of all because of the amount of energy it channels to give Zharcaor his time manipulating ability. Because there is so much energy that passes through this orb, it has the highest potential to supernova compared to the other orbs. While only one complete Master Orb can exist at any given time, there is usually an incomplete version that can be completed if the current orb breaks or stops working. Despite this spare unfinished orb, it still takes another 67 years to complete. Even though the Master Orb is an internal orb, it has the ability create a mental link to those in very close proximity to it. It can relay both images and sounds to the receiver.

Random Facts

  • His patterns tend to congratulate towards the light.
  • He cannot walk on two legs.
  • His muscles work differently than muscles in other creatures. They become ridged when stimulated, thus moving bones by pushing them.
  • He cannot run, jump, or throw objects. The way his muscles work prevents him from doing so.
  • Even though he cant run, he can appear to travel very fast, to the point where he seems to teleport.
  • Death caused by the sped up time field around Zharcaor usually occurs as a result of starvation, and not actual 'aging'. Though repeated exposure to the altered time field can cut years off one's lifespan.
  • He can't swim at all. He normally sinks very quickly. If he does enter deep water for whatever reason, he can create a very large pocket of air to help him move through the water better, but he can't take in enough air to float to the surface.
  • Large bodies of fresh water are actually quite dangerous for him, since his skin is permeable. He will continue to absorb water until his body bursts.
  • His skin is very sensitive and easily irritated by many substances, however, it is resistant to Keosarka's ooze.
  • He is very sensitive to the cold. So much so, that he cannot survive the winter months. This is because his skin becomes more prone to tearing when it is cold.
  • Those eyes on his face are actually just white eye spots that act as visual focal points. They can't actually perceive light. He actually sees with his skin, so he can see everything around him all at the same time. He can't see the color blue though.
  • His body is resistant to ultraviolet light and lower energy X-rays.
  • He is better at vocally speaking than most other Detark.
  • If someone comes to him on official business, he tends to take on the form of the visitor's species (but not an exact copy of the visitor) to make himself somewhat more approachable.
  • His birthday changes every year.

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