Zelos Wilder (S-TU)

Zelos Wilder is the Chosen of Tethe'alla and the eventual leader of the Renegade Base in Triet in the Student-Teacher Universe, an AU of Tales of Symphonia

Author: KitKatt0430
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22 at the time of the Journey of Reunification
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Meltokio, Tethe'alla
Currently Located: Triet Base, Sylvarant
Height: 6 feet
Hair Color: Crimson red
Eye Color: Cerulean blue
Occupation: Chosen of Regeneration (Tethe'alla)/Renegade Spy/Renegade Base Commander
Languages: Angelic, Common
Nickname(s): Chosen One, Idiot Chosen, Brat-Child, Fire Angel
Appears In:


Born 22 years before the start of the Aselian Calender, Zelos Wilder was heir to the Mana Lineage in Tethe'alla. Zelos' family had status equal to that of the Royal Family and was known as the Chosen Family, with Zelos' father considered to be the Chosen One of the Church of Martel. If the Tower of Salvation were to disappear, it would mark the beginning of Tethe'alla's decline and signal the current Chosen would be required begin the Journey of Regeneration in order to awaken the sleeping Goddess Martel.

Two years later, Zelos encounter Lloyd Irving, a charismatic young man from Sylvarant. Lloyd's idealism struck him as naive at first, but Zelos eventually comes to believe that Lloyd might very well be able to defeat Cruxis. Disobeying Yuan's orders, Zelos helps Lloyd obtain Rheairds from the Renegades and infiltrate the city of Welgaia, the Cruxis stronghold on Dherris Kharlan. In order to obtain the means to allow Lloyd to wield the Eternal Sword, Zelos reveals his connections to Cruxis and pretends to betray the group. When the truth is revealed, Lloyd welcomes Zelos back without any resentment just in time for him to help defeat Yggdrasill, the leader of Cruxis.

Just as Zelos and Yuan reconcile their differences, Yggdrasill uses his Cruxis Crystal to take over Zelos' body and return to Welgaia. Under Yggdrasill's control, Zelos destroys the Tower of Salvation in Tethe'alla and attempts to cut off access to the Great Seed. Ultimately, Zelos' will proves too strong for Yggdrasill to maintain control over and Zelos regains control of himself. He is then able to rejoin Lloyd in time for the final battle against Yggdrasill and is present at the naming of the new World Tree.


Outwardly, Zelos plays the part of the lazy, noble playboy. He often speaks tactlessly and affects a joking attitude towards serious events. His actions are often underscored by the reactions of others, such as the noble women who throw themselves at him and the disdain of more serious figments, such as Regal Bryant and Kratos Aurion. At first glance, Zelos tends to leave the impression of stereotypical, self-absorbed noble.

Beneath the surface, Zelos is, in fact, a highly observant, intelligent, and sensitive person. He's often the first to notice when something is wrong - such as the way Presea suffers because of her Exsphere or that Mithos is more than he seems - and hides a surprisingly strong work-ethic.

Highly stubborn, Zelos doesn't like to be told he can't do something. Often he will go out of his way to master a new skill simply because he was told that the ability is beyond his grasp (I.E. learning high level magic, unarmed combat, and sword fighting). Zelos was also the valedictorian of his graduating class at Sybak Academy despite the fact that he often skipped his classes. His eidetic memory allowed him to easily memorize information and ace tests while his popularity led to the willingness of his fellow students to take notes for him.

Zelos also has a fiery temper that is mostly under his control. However, when he grows particularly angry, his more dangerous side shows through. Though not easily angered, both Sheena and Regal have a tendency to set him off by treating him as though his 'mask' is all there really is to him.

Raised as a Chosen, Zelos has a self-sacrificial nature that dismays his friends and family. He will often act without thinking, placing himself in danger to protect those he cares about, such as when he verbally attacked Kuchinawa in order to buy time for the Otherworldly Gate to activate.

Difficulties in his life have led Zelos to become an insomniac. As a result, he must be careful to ensure that use of his Exsphere or Cruxis Crystal do not exacerbate the issue, as in his Angelic form he cannot sleep, though because he remains mortal he still requires sleep. His sleeplessness is considered a major worrying point for his friends.


Skills and Abilities

  • Fighting Skills: Despite the loss of some of the feeling in his arms from a childhood brush with fire, Zelos has become highly skilled in the art of combat. He's talented in unarmed and magical combat as well as fighting with a sword. He favors a style that balances his swordsmanship with his magical abilities, making him an ideal mid-range fighter.
  • Angelic Transformation: Due to his time as a spy in Cruxis, Zelos has the ability to transform into an Angel when he uses his Cruxis Crystal (he later gains the ability to maintain the transformation only using a lower level Exsphere in place of his Cruxis Crystal, though this version of his Angelic form is far more unstable). When in his Angelic form he grows orange, crystalline wings and his physical strength, hearing, and sight improves. His control over mana, and thus his magical abilities, also improves dramatically in his Angelic form. He doesn't require sleep as an angel, however, which tends to cause his insomnia to worsen when he returns to his human form.
  • Magic: Zelos is a highly accomplished magic-user. His main element is lightning, but he is skilled in the use of fire, light, wind, and healing magics as well. Zelos also has a talent for spell-casting (the ability to use magic outside of the offense/defense catagories), which is rare in humans.

Special Items

  • Cruxis Crystal: Zelos' Cruxis Crystal is an unusual shade of green; most Cruxis Crystals are blue while their less powerful counterparts, Exspheres, are typically red. With his Cruxis Crystal equipped, Zelos is able to transform into an Angelic being, but he usually prefers not to use the crystal, viewing it as a crutch of sorts.
  • Exsphere: Zelos' current Exsphere once belonged to his fiance, Heather Tethe'alla. He received the Exsphere after her death and began using it when his first Exsphere is destroyed by Jeran Quin. In times of crisis, Zelos is able to use his Exsphere to shift into a limited version of his Angelic form.
  • Guitars: While Zelos also plays the piano, he favors the guitar. He tends to keep two guitars with him at all times, usually safely stored away in his Wing Pack. Though one of the guitars really belongs to Botta, Zelos is typically in possession of it anyway.
  • Wing Packs: Similar to backpacks in their function and appearance, Wing Packs are capable of storing objects much larger than them while remaining light and easily transported. Zelos typically keeps a spare coat, two guitars, and his Rheaird in his Wing Pack, though it can easily fit more.
  • Rheaird: Modified to be faster than a typical Rheaird, Zelos uses this when he needs to quickly travel between distant locations. A Rheaird is capable of low-level flight and is typically associated with the Renegades.

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