YueFa is a narcissist playboy who is in constant need to be in the spotlight.

Author: Yllamse
Race: Lunar
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Place of Origin: Runne
Currently Located: Market Square
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: dark green
Occupation: Student
Nickname(s): N/A
Appears In: Coming soon


YueFa was brought into the Manor by his family at the early age of three. He had convinced his older brother that he was being chased by a huge rodent and caused his mother to hallucinate that the kitchen was huge when she was thinking about what to make for dinner. For obvious reasons, the Fa family didn’t think they could raise their younger son properly. (It didn’t help that they were afraid of him as well.)
Top of his class and a bit of a show off, YueFa did everything with an ease. He had no real reason to study because he has a photographic memory. A smart aleck, he had potential friends piling up around him. He only truly respected those teachers in the Manor that were exceptionally talented and did his best to hide his true personality from the rest of the mind mages. (Wether or not he succeeded he’ll never know)
On the day of the destruction of Runne he was hanging about the library when KluYa noticed he was there with a group of his friends. KluYa grabbed him by the ear for a bit to get him running and his friends followed.

That’s how he found himself frozen for a century.

Somewhat aware of what was going on while in stasis; he now remembers it all as an odd dream.


Cool, distant and manipulative, YueFa will do almost anything to get what he wants. If he wants attention, he’ll go get it. If he wants friends, he’ll maneuver it to being as such. He can’t stand not being in the spotlight and if anyone manages to steal it for a few minutes, he’ll hold a grudge until he can get “proper” revenge.

YueFa cares mostly about himself and his skills. Self centered and “a gift to all women” YueFa will use anyone to achieve whatever goals he placed on himself.

Skills and Abilities

-Mind Control has become an easy skill for him to use. He can be subtle as a soft breeze to actually blunt to the point that his victim knows what’s going on but can’t do anything about it without knowing mind magic.
-He’s an extreme puppeteer. He can manipulate any object to move in whatever fashion he desires. It is how he makes his outer clothes look like they’re underwater while he moves. He’s practiced it so much that it has become almost second nature to him. Smaller objects are easier to control than larger ones that need more attention and focus.
-YueFa is slowly becoming a Beastmaster. The less intelligent the monster, the easier it is to manipulate. He’s currently working on smaller beasts to larger ones.

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