Yuan Ka-Fai (S-TU)

Yuan Ka-Fai is the leader of the Renegades and an angel of Cruxis in the Student-Teacher Universe, an AU of Tales of Symphonia. Unlike most Angels, Yuan still identifies with his origin race (the half-elves) and searches for a way to save his fellow half-elves from persecution.

Author: KitKatt0430
Race: Half-Elf/Angelic Being
Gender: Male
Age: Well over 4000 years
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Asgard, Sylvarant
Currently Located: Flanoir Base, Tethe'alla
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Wing Color/Type: Pink/Crystalline
Occupation: Renegade Leader and Flanoir Base Commander
Languages: Angelic, Common, Elvish
Nickname(s): Teach
Appears In:



Yuan's most notable personality trait is his stubborn pride. There are times when he'll make up his mind about something and refuse to change his opinion until long after it has gotten him into trouble. He's fiercely loyal, however, and, once someone has earned that loyalty, there is very little he won't do on their behalf. His somewhat paranoid outlook on strangers tends to make earning his loyalty quite difficult.

His definition of right and wrong are somewhat murky at times. Yuan was willing to go along with Mithos Yggdrasill's plans for Cruxis and overlooked his own objections concerning the treatment of the Chosen because of his own desire to be reunited with his lost love, Martel Yggdrasill. He'll only compromise his morals so far, however; though Yuan was willing to overlook the sacrifices of the Chosen at first, he cannot ignore the way Yggdrasill's schemes exascerbate the prejudices against half-elves and bring the mana levels of the worlds to dangerously low levels.

Aware of his own flaws, Yuan feels great shame about his complicity in the creation of Cruxis and the thousands of years he spent willfully ignoring the crimes being committed around him. He created the Renegades more out of a need to atone than because the people of the two worlds needed someone to save them. His feelings of regret, however, aren't enough to stop him from ditching his paperwork on a regular basis, often forcing his second in command to deal with the overflow.

More than anyone else, Yuan lacks any understanding as to why he 'adopted' Zelos at first. Though he cannot identify his own motives in the act, he quickly becomes attached to Zelos and comes to view the boy as his son. Around Zelos, Yuan's more whimsical and artistic sides show through. When Zelos is older the two often disagree, forcing Yuan to relearn how to make concessions and compromises, which he hasn't been required to do for nearly four thousand years.

Though Angels do not require sleep, Yuan has regained the ability due to a Somnulus Spell cast on him by the first Chief Medical Officer of the Renegades. Yuan has since remembered his great love of sleeping in until noon on the weekends and will only get up before twelve on Saturdays and Sundays if there's an emergency.


Martel Yggdrasill: The love of Yuan's life, Martel was as beautiful as she was kind. Unlike the other members of the Kharlan Heroes, Yuan is instantly certain that Martel has pure intentions and quickly becomes willing to do practically anything for her. She's the only person, in 6,000+ years of life that Yuan ever considered proposing to and, though he occassionally dates other women after her death, Martel is the only person Yuan has every truly been in love with.

Martel's death shatters Yuan's spirit, leaving him easily manipulated by her younger brother, Mithos Yggdrasill.

Mithos Yggdrasill: Though initially suspicious of Mithos' intentions, Yuan eventually comes to respect the young teen and believe in Mithos' ideals. Yuan enjoys annoying Mithos who, in turn, takes a great deal of joy in tormenting Yuan about his feelings for Martel. When Yuan decided to propose to Martel, he asked Mithos' permission first and recieved it because Mithos knew that Yuan made Martel happy.

After Martel's death, Mithos begins to develop sociopathic behavior and manipulates the entire population of the world, including Yuan, in his scheme to bring his sister back to life. As Yggdrasill grows further from his younger personality, Yuan grows increasingly suspicious of Yggdrasill's true intentions. While Yuan stays willfully blind to Yggdrasill's worst qualities for over 2,000 years out of lingering hope of regaining Martel, Yuan eventually breaks away from Yggdrasill's control and loses all respect for him.

Kratos Aurion: During much of the Kharlan War, Kratos and Yuan were on opposite sides of the conflict since Yuan was Sylvaranti and Kratos Tethe'allan. Because of Kratos' seemingly cold outward behavior, Yuan distrusted Kratos during their travels together with the Yggdrasill siblings. When Kratos risks his life to save Yuan's, the bluonde changes his mind about Kratos and the two eventually become close friends. Kratos even goes with Yuan to procure an engagement ring for Martel.

When Martel is murdered by a human, a strain is put on their friendship. Kratos, however, refuses to leave Yuan alone and the two become Sworn Brothers. Despite the magic binding them as family, their friendship tends to be rocky, often coming close to ending only for one of them to finally make the necessary effort to fix things. No matter how bad things get between them, however, neither is willing to let the other die if they can help it, such as when Yuan stopped Kratos from killing himself at Origin's Seal and, hours later, Kratos saves Yuan from being killed by Zelos, who was possessed by Yggdrasill at the time.

The only thing Yuan regrets when he dies is that Kratos will be all alone in the world.

Zelos Wilder: Yuan considers Zelos to be the son that he and Martel should have had. Similar to Yuan personality wise, Zelos has picked up on many of Yuan's quirks over the years. While they usually get along very well, there are times when their equally stubborn natures cause them to butt heads.

Zelos has suffered a number of tragedies in his life, but Yuan provided Zelos with the stability he needed not to grow stronger for his losses instead of breaking apart the way Yuan did when Martel died. Because of this Yuan trusts Zelos' judgement even in the middle of painful crises.

After Zelos dies of old age, Yuan continues to watch over Zelos' descendents in the Renegades, occassionally adopting one into his family the way he did with Zelos.

Skills and Abilities

  • Fighting Skills: Yuan's primary weapon is a Swallow, a large weapon that is sharp on both ends but smooth in the center. Though Yuan has access to his Angelic, light-based magic at all times, Yuan prefers to use non-Angelic magic, particularly lightning magic, which is his element. He's a well-balanced fighter and does well in groups of two to four, but excels in single combat. His skills in unarmed combat are somewhat lacking, however, and he will become somewhat overly dependent on magic when he loses his weapon in battle.
  • Angelic Transformation: Because his Cruxis Crystal is fused to him in order to keep him from aging, Yuan is always, technically, in his Angelic Form. He can make his wings appear and disappear at will, however, which mimics the transformation of non-fused Angels.
  • Magic: Yuan is a lightning elemental and has difficulty utilizing non-lightning based magic. His human side is far stronger than his more diluted elvish heritage because he's a fourth generation half-elf. Yuan can use powerful light-magic thanks to his status as an Angel, which also accounts for his ability to use some mid-level healing arts. He cannot spell cast, which requires a talent for using different types of magic at the same times.

Special Items

  • Cruxis Crystal: Yuan's blue Cruxis Crystal is fused to his hand in order to constantly suppress his aging process. Despite the many boons of his Angelic Form, Yuan often wishes he could remove the Crystal and become mortal once more.
  • Wing Pack: Similar to backpacks in their function and appearance, Wing Packs are capable of storing objects much larger than them while remain light and easily transported. The items within Yuan's Wing Pack often vary, but he always keeps his Swallow in there since the weapon is awkward to carry around.
  • Rheaird: A Rheaird is capable of low-level flight and is typically associated with the Renegades. Yuan has modified his Rheaird several times and has lately been experimenting with the engine in an attempt to cut down on the mana the device requires to run properly.

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