Xeiren (Dhaih Xheirdhetahrlxhiarkhom)

Xeiren is a cheerful wandering creature. While he does enjoy talking, he does not reveal a lot about himself.


Author: Xovq
Race: Ekhaorlh Xheirlhoh Dheh Tahrlkah Xhiakhirhom
Gender: Male
Age: Debatable
Currently Located: Datukir
Height: About 3'
Weight: 78 lbs
'Hair' Color: Cream
Eye Color: White
Nickname(s): Xeiren


Xerien was involved in an accident that left his body mangled and broken. Rhazhe, who caused the accident to begin with, took Xeiren to a lab to repair his body. Upon regaining consciousness Xeiren demanded to be released immediately, despite the fact that he would not have been able to walk, let alone survive the harsh environment outside. After refusing to let Xeiren go, Rhazhe offered him the opportunity to roam free in a synthesized body, while his real body was repaired (a state that the Saphoro call "Xheirlhoh Dheh Tahrlkah Xhiakhirhom" or Xeirdetarlkxiarakom for 'short'.)The catch to this offer was that he would not use the body to kill. Xeiren accepted these terms.


Xeiren is generally rather cheerful, and does not anger easily. He has the tendency to be 'cheerfully' sarcastic. He is rather fond of weapons, particularly firearms and laser weapons. His appreciation for the more pointed weapons has decreased recently, and he has become rather wary around pointed or sharp looking objects in general (enough so that they can become a distraction.) Xeiren finds mimicking and doing impressions of others quite amusing. He enjoys being outside and wandering around.

Skills and Abilities

  • Shape-shifting: He can change his shape to look like whatever he wants it to, but he cannot change his colors.
  • Heightened Time Perception: He perceives events happen slower than they would appear to other beings. This gives him more time to react. The amount of heightened time perception is directly proportional to the amount of time dilation inside his body.
  • Reverse Time Dialation : This is necessary for the body to operate at a normal speed, but it can be used to speed up his movements considereably faster. Normally the body would move about as fast as a plant grows, so it is always in this quickened state (even while sleeping, but time passes only about twice as fast the outside world.) This field of quickened time does not extend outside the body, however, objects that are held or are surrounded by the flesh may be affected to some degree.

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