"If you think you already won a fight between me? Think again. I'd probably behind you, hiding in the shadows as I edge my sword against the wettstone waiting for an oppurtunity, then I'll strike. The last thing you'll see is my grinning pride." - Xanders


Author: ragewhale
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Date of Birth: (Likely) August 5th
Place of Origin: Kington/Elderlands
Currently Located: Earth, Washington State/Melbrooke County
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 130.0 lb (59 kilograms)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Prince Suicide Merc #178A
Nickname(s): Ozymandias
Appears In: Xanders SM Dossier



Xanders was born in a royal family, he was the next heir of the kingdom of Kington after his father's sudden passing. However, conspirators attempted an assassination on Xanders when he was only 12 years old by stabbing him and throwing him into a river and let the current drift the body away. In the south far regions (outside Kington) of Atherite, Xanders recovered his wounds with the help of Avelin (15 years old at the time) and her family. They were a remarkable blacksmiths even were the ones to create weapons for the military across the human kingdoms of the Elderlands. Xanders, after realizing that he was overthrown, desired revenge. Avelin's father, Titus, was once the greatest swordsman in the world until his left arm was cut off by an elven warrior, Titus agreed to teach swordfighting to Xanders if Xanders helped the family with errands and blacksmith business. Xanders agreed.

After 4 years have passed, Xanders became an experienced blacksmith and an excellent swordsman. His skills from the training was enough to be considered one of the best in all of the human kingdoms. In fact his progress shown from hardly able to lift a blacksmith hammer and face on a wild animal to lifitng heavy weights and pinning down wild game like it was nothing. Xanders also faced terrifying and powerful monsters that terrorised nearby towns and helped bring business and wealth to the family that raised Xanders more than his real family ever did. He forgotten the hatred and revenge as he became more peace within himself, he became best friends with Avelin and they both considered themselves as siblings.

It was until something terrible happened. The family Xanders loved throughout his years were brutally massacured by two dark hounds. Xanders immedietly knew it was from the conspirators who took his loving family away and his heart for revenge and hatred grew.


Xanders was scheduled for public execution after committing war crimes (killing armies, killing the royal bloodline, killing conspirators). It was at this moment Xanders was selected to be a Suicide Mercanary, he was immedietly teleported to the SM Board of Evalations. He was difficult to interview to with his extreme emotions and trauma, he started to mock the board members and laugh uncontrollably. It was done after some light knowledgment from the board that there is no afterlife in his universe. After letting Xanders pond over the idea that his death wouldn't let him see his family agreed to become a Suicde Merc.

He started training more than before and shown great excellence in hand to hand dueling as well as ofcourse swordfighting.


  • Loyal
  • Competitive
  • Selfless
  • Brave
  • Sometimes insane

Skills and Abilities

  • Adaptability: Xanders is able to adapt and change depending on the situation, giving a slight advantage to duels
  • Agility: Have shown quick movements and reflexes to near-death events
  • Superhuman strength: Have shown an uncanny ability of strength, however, this could just mean that Xanders just lifts weights regularly
  • Stamina: Xanders is able to fight for long periods of time without exhaustion

Special Items

  • Rava's blade: The claymore sword is able to seize regeneration upon creating a wound. The origins of this weapon are unknown but it is likely to be a sword of the greatest knight who ever lived in the Elderlands. Rava.
  • Blood pill: Given by Tao (Tae Hyun Park) as a last resort, it is a pill comprised of blood from a sarkic ghoul. Upon consumption of the pill, the user is granted the ability that of a sarkic occultist: able to control flesh, blood, and bones.

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