Wraith, Starman's sister, is something of a mediator, and tends to diffuse tense situations. She has light-based abilities, which include glowing and emitting laser-like beams. She is also mildly empathic, a relatively common trait among supers of this world.

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Author: Woodwings
Race: Human.
Name: Imogen Lance.
Alias: Wraith.
Gender: Female.
Age: 18
Height: 6'1''
Hair: Like her brother, Imogen has short, slightly curly, hair, though hers is a little browner than his.
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Occupation: Junior superhero.
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar.


Like Starman, she has few memories that from before she was being trained alongside her brother and assorted other young supers. She also chose her costume and alias at ten years of age, though she sometimes wonders whether she should have picked darker colours.


Imogen is probably the most patient of the group. While Max motivates and encourages the others, she provides support and helps to keep the group running on an individual basis. It is usually to her that team members will turn when they have emotion-related problems. She enjoys ice skating, playing video games, and watching corny B movies. Though she herself is aware of romantic emotions, given that she can often detect them from the people around her, she has never felt any for herself. It is possible that she is aromantic, but she is unwilling to draw this conclusion until she feels that she knows herself better.

Skills and Abilities

  • Laser-like beams: The name says it all, really. These can be emitted from her fingertips, and there are little portions of her gloves that compensate for this, to prevent her from setting herself alight.
  • Glowing: A low level of light emitted from her skin and hair at will, can be seen through her suit.
  • People skills: Wraith is the glue holding V-Squad together, and this is not merely chance. She studied this during her training.
  • Empathy: She has a basic and unrefined sense of how other people in proximity to her are feeling, like some kind of emotional barometer. She can't pick up anything too 'quiet', or make much sense of specifics when someone is experiencing many emotions at once, nor can she register the thoughts of another.

Special Items

  • Costume: A white and eggshell-blue outfit, with bluish lenses in her mask. Designed to make her look spectral, this costume is simple but elegant. More details to be added later.


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