Winzrella Lagranginsonvinset

Winzrella is an old character created back in 1999 for a fantasy book I started to write around the same year. This book is in Finnish and will not be translated, but since this character is the one that gave me my username I thought I would introduce her.


Author: winzrella
Race: gnome-elf
Gender: female
Age: a bit less than 100 years
Height: 244 cm
Occupation: warriorprincess (highest rank for a female warrior)
Short name: Winze McGrag
Appears In: Legenda maahishaltiasta (legend of the gnome-elf)

General story information

Gnome-elf ("maahishaltia" is the original name) is a race I created for this fantasy story that carries the title of my oldest story that has actually ended up working long enough to still matter to me. Gnome-elves are a race of people that are tall and animal like. Winzrella is a bit under 2,5 meters and she's short for her kind - very short.

The original gnome-elves came to exist when gnomes and elves mixed a very long time before this story even takes place. The gnome-elves of today came to exist after the original mixture got mixed with a panther like beast. Gnome-elves got features from all the three races that they are a mixture of. From gnomes they got their stocky build and strenght. From elves (and these specific elves are called blood-elves because of their red hair and violent nature) they got their red hairs and magical abilities. From the beasts they got their animal instincts, tails and beast like eyes.

Character information

Winzrella is a warriorprincess, highest ranking female warrior, of her own right. She's a great leader and warrior which she has pretty much inherited from her father the wargeneral of the clan LaGranginsonvinset. Her father does not get along well with the leader of the clan who is also his sister-in-law. The disputes between the wargeneral's and the clanleader's families affect the everyday life of both families. This all has always been heavy and hard for Winzrella to handle. Thus so she's the silent and distant type who just doesn't know where her place in the world is. Besides her parents in her family belongs his father two other wives, two brothers and a younger sister.

If people want to know more about her I can spend more time explaining her story, but for now this is enough I think.


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