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Author: Woodwings
Name: Archie Kafziel.
Alias: Whizzkid,

Race: Modified human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16.
Height: 5'6''
Hair: Chocolate brown and frequently scruffy, Archie's hair sticks up in spikes.
Eye Colour: Bottle green.
Occupation: Junior superhero.
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar.


Archie is a second generation super, having inherited his capacity to have a power from his father. (More to be added later.)


Archie has always been something of a maverick, enjoying excitement and schemes. To him, things like running and the freedom to go where he pleases define his identity, but he doesn't make a big deal about it unless he feels that these things are being threatened. He is relatively easygoing at the best of times (though suspicious of strangers), but will respond automatically if someone goes too far with something, and resents any perceived restriction of his freedom. The concept of following orders is unfamiliar to him and he is the sort who would rush into danger without warning if he thought it would help those he cared about, or if he was bored, but he is more careful of other people's safety. Loyal to a fault, but his ability to trust diminished, so far Archie only accepts things unquestioningly from Storm.


There is a place I go when I need some quiet,
where I turn when my mind craves peace.
A tree-dotted park with sweet-scented bushes, fragrant grass and soothing shade.
I'm not the only one who comes here,
my refuge is on public land.
It doesn't matter, though, that it isn't my own.
The soft sounds of people are as welcome as birdsong.
I'm never alone here, with so much life
around me,
and to sit beneath a spreading tree is a pleasure I'll gladly share.
The noontide breezes winnow through my hair here, like the tousling hand of an
affectionate other.
The sun's tickle on the leaves also
dances across my skin,
and I feel safe when I hear a waterfowl's plunking dive.
I showed you to this place, urged you to see the mundane wonders with me.
You laughed with me when we tried to climb too high,
we shared the almost-infant glee of
feeding a duck and her brood.
I cannot always come here,
nor are you always with me,
but the recollection of this little Eden
soothes me when my world is torn.
When there are things I cannot change, and
wrongs I cannot right,
if I feel trapped and afraid, alone with my
I seek solace in the echo I carry with me of this blissful sanctuary.
The birds we fed,
the words you said,
climbing trees and scraping knees.
If ever I'm in danger, or if I have been
if I'm hurting,
alone or weeping,
that's where I'll be hiding, be it in the park or
deep inside of me.

Skills and Abilities

  • Speed: Archie is a speedster, and can run very fast. His top speed and top endurance level are not known. Supporting his ability is a breathing system similar to Osprey's, which also renders him light in weight, but the two are not family.
  • Durability: As a speedster, Archie's body is capable of withstanding impact shocks more readily than other people might.
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