Waltz is a dapper super who can walk through walls, and is the second in command of the adult super group, which is called the Paladins.

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Author: Woodwings.
Name: Joseph Widdershins.
Alias: Waltz.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 30
Height: 6'5''
Hair: His hair is immaculately brushed and russet-shaded, at least, it is immaculate when he has time to prepare it.
Eye colour: Blue.
Occupation: Superhero, joke shop owner.
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar.


Waltz is a second generation metahuman, being descended from one of the first known supers. Not that he puts it about, mind you. Therefore, for most of his childhood, he was immersed in the expectation that he would develop powers as well, and was thus taught good conduct from an early age, in the hopes of preventing any untoward incidents. When his parents deemed him to be ready, he was transferred to a training facility to learn more thoroughly how to be a hero. He was still in regular contact with his family though, particularly as it was not a boarding school.


Joseph is an eccentric who quietly revels in the strange and the ridiculous, and runs a small joke shop when not in costume. He doesn't usually say much, but there is no great mystery to him, even if you barely know him. Though he likes to appear like an enigmatic figure, he hides nothing but his secret identity and his private stash of prank devices. He has an innate sense of mischief, and is easily amused. Though he may sometimes pretend to be aloof, he may be quietly snorting in the confines of his own mind, and trying not to let it spread onto his face.

Skills and Abilities

  • Walking through walls: So long as he maintains his focus, Joseph can easily stride through solid objects. He doesn't understand how he can do this, only that he doesn't want to find out what happens if he tries to comprehend it while doing so.
  • Business skills: Joseph is able to run his own small business, even though he frequently has to act as a superhero during business hours. Goodness knows how he explains this to his staff.
  • Pranks: He has cultivated the ability to discretely set up practical jokes, even while his intended mark is within sight. This generally doesn't work with his leader, though, who knows him too well.

Special Items

  • Costume: A Victorian eveningwear ensemble, or something very much like one, in shades of grey. He wears a swallowtail coat, a stovepipe hat, white gloves, formal trousers, and a white mask similar to those used at a ball, but rather plainer. He also carries a collapsible cane.
  • Cane: This grey item is topped by a round sphere, which is actually hollow and can be removed. As of yet, he has not filled it with anything.
  • Hat: This item contains several pockets on the inside, some of which contain snacks.


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