The Void is one of the Six High Powers, and is regarded as strange even among them. The Void, at least initially, has no sense of self -as the essence of nonexistence, it is unable to comprehend its own existence. As a reflection of this, the Voice in the Void speaks in passives where ordinary mortal creatures would use the first person. Like all of the Six High Powers, the Void rarely interferes directly in the ways of the worlds, though in its case this is more out of apathy than any native limitation.

Author: Aldraia
Other Titles: the Voice in the Void, a Voice in the Void, the Lord of the Void
Appears In: The Six Who Seek; The Void is part of the background of the Realms of the Dragons

The Void represents lack and nothingness. It stands for nonexistence and passivity.
Common strengths of those strong in Void: Patience, a tendency to 'not sweat the small stuff', ease of dealing with the absence of something that was valued
Common weaknesses of those strong in Void: Lack of things which are valued, apathy, depression
Powers commonly associated with Void: Transportation powers, Deletion, anything transdimensional


The Void is somewhat lacking in beliefs and does not truly understand mortal existence. Still, it has a marked dislike of Kami-tor, unusual for something so often devoid of any passion. The Void has no opinion of its opposite Existence, just as it has no opinion on most topics. There is an infinity of nonexistence, and no amount of existence can threaten that.


The sokoranmir were made because passage through the Void was forbidden to the kami.


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