Calm and serious, (and sometimes cranky)VieRam is someone that can be relied on. Even if his eyesight isn't what it used to be, he has good aim. Just don't let him fly any aircrafts…he thinks he can still fly pretty well.


Author: Yllamse
Race: Lunar
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Around 14 in human years)
Date of Birth: Taur'd 02 (Equivalent to August 24)
Place of Origin: Seli'ni
Currently Located: Ur'Danda Plains, Seli'ni
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 75 lbs.
Hair Color: Gunmetal Grey
Eye Color: Forest Green
Occupation: Sharpshooter
Nickname(s): Vie
Appears In: []


VieRam is an only child. He grew up in the city (Eaurpalus)with his mother (ShueRi), and father (TauRam) until recently. Due to a medical condition, the family decided to move to the country and TauRam decided he could commute to the city.


VieRam is very calm, unless you rile him up then he can be outright mean. Everything needs to be done by the book or he'll have fit. Being in the same boat as RaiTiLen, he has become more withdrawn because of the experience. He doesn't trust himself too much, fearing that he might harm his friends. Even though he tries to be aloof, VieRam somehow gets dragged around into 'one mess or another'.

Skills and Abilities

(Waits for Garnet to chirp before any shooting takes place.)

  • Charge: Carefully aim to strike for increased damage.
  • Concentrate: Make attacks unblockable.
  • Leg Aim: Inflict damage to the legs, preventing movement.
  • Arm Aim: Inflict damage to the arms, preventing weapon use and spellcasting.
  • Speech Craft: A type of attack using words as a weapon.
    • Persuade (A skill that persuades a foe to wait before acting)
    • Praise (A skill that praises the target's feats and strengths)
    • Threaten (A skill that plays upon the doubts and fears of the target)
    • Death Sentence (A skill that convinces the target that his or her demise is soon at hand)
    • Insult (A skill that infuriates with foul invective)

Special Items

  • Garnet: Garnet is a mechanical bird used by VieRam to gauge depth perception. What Vie can't see (which, unfortunately, is a-lot), Garnet warns him about different situations using a series of chirps and whistles.
  • Stream Glider: A small spaceship that he owns. Rarely uses it…and when he does it is set up mostly on autopilot.
  • I.G. Shades: These shades allow VieRam to see properly, however he eventually goes beserk and begins to attack everything in sight. (he will only use these under great distress. Feels like his mind is being taken over whenever he uses it)


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