Vla'ty'iphan Tzladinir (V) is a magic teacher among the Etherian people. A former tutor of Amberyl Skysong.


Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Etherian
Gender: Male
Age: 179 Human Cycles
Date of Birth: Earth Calendar September 1
Place of Origin: Ether
Currently Located: Blue Planet hunting down his lost love
Height: 7' 10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Warm reddish-black
Eye Color: Honey-brown
Occupation: High Mage and Tutor in Magic
Nickname(s): V
Appears In: Unnamed FFIV story and Amberyl's story, which may or may not become a webcomic


He is a magic teacher and Amberyl's former tutor. He watched her grow up and grew to love her. He has spent nearly all of his life in Ether.


He seems distant and proper, but he's very emotionally open compared to other Etherian adults (after the Age of Maturity ceremony, Etherians are ultra-proper and expected to stay that way until they reach the Age of Wisdom (bascially, retirement). He tries to express his feelings through bad poetry.

Skills and Abilities

  • Black Magic: Able to cast high-level black magic
  • White Magic: Able to cast high-level white magic
  • Etherial Magic: Able to create rifts in time-space that allow him to easily enter Ether, and call upon Ether's power to cause effects standard magic may not be able to do.
  • Bad Poetry: Capable of writing awful poetry

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