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Unity and Diversity are two of the Six High Powers. Because of their intertwined nature, they are rarely represented separately. They are simultaneously opposed and united, forever striving against one another while also supporting one another. This generally leaves them little attention to spare for direct interference in the ways of other beings, so while their power leaks out passively into the worlds, Unity and Diversity rarely take an active interest in anything save their eternal struggle to remain one while being so fundamentally opposed.

Author: Aldraia
Appear In: They rarely make direct appearances, but their existence is part of the background of the Realms of the Dragons.

Unity is also called 'the Oneness', and represents the innate sameness of all things. Unity stands for compromise, cooperation, conformity, and combination.
Common strengths of those strong in Unity: to be skilled in leadership and in making compromises, to be good at working with others, to see past superficial differences to deeper similarities, to be good at unifying that which is divided
Common weaknesses of those strong in Unity: a difficulty functioning during times of great discord, difficulty understanding those who are not like them, a tendency to see oneself in terms of others and thus a lack of self-confidence, a tendency to sacrifice their own principles for the sake of group harmony
Powers commonly associated with Unity: Persuasion, Mimic, Merge

Diversity is also called 'the Multitude' and represents the innate uniqueness of all things. Diversity stands for disagreement, discord, difference, and division.
Common strengths of those strong in Diversity: the ability to respect others for their differences, the ability to divide what is united, the ability to see past superficial similarities to deeper differences, the will to stand by one's beliefs, the ability to do what one believes is right no matter how many say it is wrong, the ability to function no matter how great the discord or with whom the disagreement, a powerful self-reliance
Common weaknesses of those strong in Diversity: a tendency to cause discord, difficulty cooperating with others, a tendency to be argumentative, difficulty compromising
Powers commonly associated with Diversity: Literal split personalities, any time a person has two or more unrelated powers, anything that seems inherently contradictory


Unity and Diversity, as is usual among the Six High Powers, recognize that each of them is necessary for the world's balance. They accept that both halves of their duality are important, and have mostly figured out the proper balance… but they will never quite agree completely. Unity and Diversity, unusually for pairs of Powers, are not fundamentally opposed -indeed, their natures are closely intertwined, for the diverse most need unity and the united most need diversity. Diversity believes that the true way is found through greater difference; Unity believes in greater sameness.


Anything which can be agreed on by both the Oneness and the Multitude is surely the righteous path.


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