Tzg (Kms'tag) Kteg'ron

Author: Xovq
Race: Ktg'torokg
Gender: Male
Age: About 90 Earth years
Currently Located: Tarakaia
Height: 16' 3"
Weight: 1583 lbs
Eye Color: Cerise
Occupation: Military officer of the Ki'sek Empire
Appears In: Drifter's Seal, Watcher's Amends, Keeper's Key


Tzg Kteg'ron has always been smaller than those his same age. Since a portion of social status in Ktg'torokg society is based on size, he is not respected nearly as other males of the same age. This fact has brought him a lot of shame. He's has tired to gain more respect by attaining great achievements. The greatest achievement, in his mind, is to capture the Chsh'erla'k'eim, show everyone that the creature is nothing to fear, and bring it to justice by killing it. As he grows older, he becomes more obsessive about this goal. Many other Ktg'torokg believe that Tzg Kteg'ron has or is in the process of loosing his mind.


He is focused on his tasks, unless someone mentions the Chsh'erla'k'eim. While he is obsessive about capturing the Chsh'erla'k'eim, he does not take every opportunity he can to catch it. He is patiently waiting for the right time. This does not stop him from talking about his goal regularly. Tzg Kteg'ron is a proud individual, and while he does not outright boast of his accomplishments, he likes to allude to them when he can. He does not get angry too frequently, but when he does, he's very dangerous. Tzg Kteg'ron is actually rather smart, more so than others give him credit for.


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