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Tyr Elthine is Eliaile Elthine’s younger sister. In iRO Eliaile died and Tyr blamed his death on Xirane, and so swore to make Xirane pay for her brother’s death. On iRO Tyr is a monk (combo build) however in the story line she has more than just normal monk abilities as she’s a necromancer. This is the only incarnation of this character that decided to go down a dark path, however this is not the only incarnation that chose the path of a fighter over the path of a cleric/priestess.

Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (however her dealings with necromancy have made her look twice her age)
Date of Birth: July 18th
Place of Origin: Hugel
Currently Located: Niffelheim
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: 103 lbs (looks gaunt)
Hair Color:Dark brown
Eye Color: Pale green
Occupation: Monk/Necromancer
Appears In: NS4W (No Sleep For The Wicked)


Tyr Elthine was a normal, unremarkable child, who was quiet and caring. She spent a large portion of her childhood training to be a priestess. She came from a family of wizards (both her parents and her brother were wizards) and she was the only one that decided on a path other than battle magics. Her family, though a bit disappointed at first, decided to support her in her decision. She used to follow her brother around like a puppy, spending every moment she could near her idol, her older brother. After her brother became a Wizard, however, she started to see less and less of him. He began to spend more and more time with the young sage, Xirane, from nearby, and eventually started dating her. In time he left with her on her adventures all over the world and Tyr became jealous. She said not a word of it however, deciding to respect her brother’s wishes and instead spending a large portion of her time preparing to become a priestess. One day, as she was nearing the time for her to take her priestess exam word came that her older brother had passed away. Tyr wouldn’t hear out any explanations as to how it had happened, she had already made up her mind as to why he was dead. In her mind it was Xirane’s fault, because she took her brother away and took him all over the world to many dangerous places. Tyr gradually became distant and cold, and in the end snapped into utter hatred for the world when Xirane didn’t show up at Eliaile’s funeral. She left home, telling her parents she was off to take her priestess exam, but instead she went and trained from months, and in the end bitterly took the exam to become a monk. After that she vanished and no one heard from her again for a long while.

Durring the time while Tyr was missing she was teaching herself necromancy from various books she had stolen from various libraries, both public and private (including one very dangerous book she stole from Xirane’s rare books collection). She learned quickly and was ruthless in her attempts, not giving up until she had mastered a skill completely. Eventually she learned how to use necromancy to raise her brother from the dead. By that point her skill had risen to frightening heights, especially in the way that she could make both the living and the dead into her minions by stealing and controlling their souls. She eventually rose her brother from the dead, however he did not come back alone. Another soul had come back with him, riding along in his body. Tyr paid this no mind, hoping this other soul would give her brother some backbone and make him realize how horrible Xirane was.

After raising her brother Tyr began to pay more attention to how Xirane’s life was going and was absolutely enraged when she found out she was in love with another man, and man who was once a ruthless murder. She became even more furious when Eliaile did nothing to lash out at her, and instead treated her much like a sister. Tyr’s control over her temper finally snapped when Xirane married the man who was once a murder and bore his child. Durring this time Eliaile was also acting very strange. Confused and enraged Tyr made her decision to slowly raise an undead army to wipe out Xirane and all the people she cared for.


Tyr is cold, bitter and vengeful, and also very violent. She has a delicate hold of her temper, which drives her at times to absolute madness where she has little conscious thought and only reacts through her emotions. At other times Tyr has a twisted and dark logic, a twisted logic she uses to wreak havoc on both the living and the dead. The only thing that keeps Tyr even partially sane is her love for her older brother.

Skills and Abilities

Most of Tyr’s abilities are based in necromancy. Will only list a few now, will list more later.

  • Call Dead: Calls forth fairly strong dead creatures to do her bidding. This is only temporary and the dead will be released from her control after a short time.
  • Raise Dead: Raise corpses and skeletons as mindless minions. The weaker the dead the longer this lasts.
  • Dominate Dead: Steal the souls of dead/undead creatures in order to control them absolutely. Stronger souls may be able to resist this, and some souls may be able to break free of this control over time. For some this control is permanent.
  • Hell Cry: Ensnare the souls of all within a specific area, both living and dead. The living have a set amount of time (about 72 hours) to break free of the control before their bodies die. Some very strong souls can resist this. Weak souls are trapped permanently. Living souls all have the chance to escape, though for weaker living souls this is rare.

Special Items

Doesn’t really have any of note other than the numerous necromancy books she has stolen.

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