"REAL Vampires don't sparkle!"


Author: megan-aka-incendi
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: Here and there, has a room in Julian's house in Tidewater
Height: Child-4' Adult-5'3"
Weight: Surprisingly heavy
Hair Color: Naturally black, currently black and purple
Eye Color: Gold
Occupation: Resident nutcase
Nickname(s): Tweek IS her nickname
Appears In: The Memories Trilogy



Her nickname is Tweek….take a guess

Skills and Abilities

  • Umbrakinesis: control of darkness and shadows
  • Photokinesis: control of photons (light)
  • Prophecy: This power is not under her control
  • Super human speed and strength: Vampire gifts
  • Truth Sensing: Walking lie detector

Spoiler Information

Author's Note

Tweek is probably my favourite figment to write. She's a perfect mix of ADHD, insanity, and sugar/caffeine high. My friends always enjoy when I act out Tweek scenes, or run some of her dialog by them


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