Tufas Rilata

Tufas is a legendary assassin, whose identity and purpose are shrouded in mystery. There are many stories of his exploits and the acquisition of his magical abilities, most of which seem to conflict and contradict each other. Tufas probably isn't even his real name, and even whether he actually exists is up for debate.


Author: Tharevoc
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Arayar
Currently Located: Kyst
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Occupation: Assassin
Nickname(s): Death's Wind
Appears In: Fate's Foreword


Nobody who has seen Tufas's face has lived to tell the tale. He always hides it under a black hood.
A long, black coat reaches to his knees. It is torn at the bottom, providing him with better mobility. His boots and the rest of his attire are just as black, making him completely blend into the night.


According to most stories, Tufas originates from somewhere in the vast desert of the Arayan Empire. There is disagreement on the details, though. Some stories tell how he used the remarkable tactic of waiting for a sandstorm as cover to take out his target. According to others, he caused the sandstorms himself. A few bards a bold enough to claim that he used to be a mediocre assassin until he struck a deal with either a devil.

Whatever the truth of his origin, Tufas became known as 'Death's Wind' for his use of ash clouds that move on a wind that the living do not feel. One speculation is that he made a dark deal for this power once he started to receive targets outside the desert, where he could not use his famed sandstorms.

Tufas has recently been spotted in increasing frequency around the Sitaverran mountains and even across them, at the eastern reaches of Kyst. Why he changed or expanded his area of operations, one can only guess.


Tufas's goals and motives are as mysterious as his appearance. Some say he works for an archdevil, causing chaos and discord. According to others he is the hand of death itself, striking at those that have lived past their time. However, all agree that he is a silent, cold-blooded killer that prefers to let his daggers do the talking.

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