Tseo ad Ventum

This is Tseo as he exists within the world of Qismah, the world of the Rifted Riders. (NOT the Adhemlenei version. He's over in the Adhemlenei.)


Tseo is the blonde cutie on the right.

Author: Illinia
Race: human (1/32 elf)
Gender: male
Age: 22 when the Rifted Riders meet
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Origin: Regalo, Quintus
Currently Located: Aurelia, Quintus
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Occupation: Dragon Knight, noble
Nicknames: none yet
Appears In: The Rifted Riders


Tseo ad Ventum is a young noble from Regalo, Quintus. He is the cousin to Hrulash Cato (their mothers are sisters). His great-great grandfather married an elf, and so his name is elven in her honour, but the only thing he has inherited is eyes that glow when he's angry. When he was 19, he met his dragon partner Hoarwilk, helping to save her from draconic bullies. They instantly decided to join the Dragon Knights of Quintus, and after three years of training, they were accepted into the First Cohort, Sixth Century, Ninth Contubernia under Centurion Keesha.


Tseo is simultaneously dedicated and laid-back. He possesses and easy grace, finding it easy to adapt to most situations, social or otherwise. He has a friendly charisma that grants him attention whenever he has something important to say. He enjoys making absurdly terrible puns. While in general he seems fairly calm, he can also be possessive, over-protective, and violent when angry, even lashing out physically at people he cares about. It's a demon he's struggled with for many years and sometimes afflicts him with depression in which he overtrains his body to ignore the shame in his mind. Still, he is outwardly very friendly and many people look up to him despite his youth. He is decisive when necessary, and will make a good leader.

Skills and Abilities

Tseo is an exceptionally gifted fighter; he was an active child and besides his natural talent with sword and lance, he loves to work out. But he is also gifted in social interactions, and can ply the court scene just as well as the sparring ground. His personal armour is orange with gold and teal-green.

  • Eyes glow when angry: Pretty useless, except to accidentally give away his elven heritage.

Special Items

I imagine he's going to get some fairly quickly.

  • Item name: Description

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