Toan Pendragon


Name: Toan Til Pendragon
Nicknames: None
Age: 27
Race: Immortal, Human/Unknown (White Alsatiaiin)
Origins: Blue (Green) Terra, Norune Village ( Dark Cloud 1 )
Current Location: The Rose Manor Castle
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Originally: Light Brown, Currently: Silver
Skin: Pale Peach
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Likes: Seda Raybrandt, Fluffy Dounuts, Watermelons, Apples, Swimming, Cats, Butterflies, and Fishing
Dislikes: Carrots, Theodore Darklore, Reina TealLeea, Psycho Keia, and JoCeno
Dreams: To peacefully live with Seda forever and to stay close to Kalea at all times
Personality: Toan is a shy, sweet, brave, fun, somewhat harsh, and yet very noble hearted person, who will save anyone most dear to him no matter what happens.
Items: The Chronicle Weapons: the Silver Dust and the Purifier (his two strongest swords), and The Light Blue (Life/Spirit) Atlamillia
Powers: Element of Wind, Green Magics and Super Sight

Personal History: The very last thing Toan remembers before he was revived by Kalea's powers, was his mother calling out to him as he faded away right in front of her and his best friend Paige, who he once had a crush on. Now living in the Rose Manor with Kalea and everyone else, Toan has slowly begun to remember his past and over the many long years has fallen in love with Seda, but at first he hated Seda for something that he had done to him long ago, as well as come to view Xiao as what's left of his family. Toan has a deep hatred towards his father, Aga and in a past life he was Prince TilLoia of the Sun Kingdom of Centra, which was destroyed a long time ago, long before the events of Dark Cloud 1/White Cloud Legacy 1.

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