Thomas Keen


Author: Aldraia
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Father Daniel, mother Emily, older brother William
Place of Origin: Baron
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Grey
Occupation: Red Wing
Appears In: Battle Ready; Crystal War


As a young Red Wing trainee, Thomas was having a bad day for reasons that have never been specified. Out for a walk in the Chocobo Forest, he found a ball that cheered him up a little. A small child ran up insisting that the ball was his brother's. Then the brother showed up. Thomas, already feeling bad about antagonizing the child, gave the day up for lost, dropped the ball, and left. He then forgot all about the incident, until a few years later when a certain boy joined the Red Wings…
After apologizing to both brothers, Thomas became fast friends with Theodore Harvey, a friendship initially founded on Theodore telling crazy stories and Thomas calling him a liar. Over time, however, the two fed each others' less… lawful… traits. They ended up speaking less formally than half the village children, pulling more pranks in a month than most Baronians played in a lifetime, and laughing more in a day than those around them laughed in a week. They were not malicious or stingy, however; they always tried -and indeed still try- to draw those around them into their amusement.
Thomas eventually came to serve on the flagship under the Lord Captain Cecil Harvey.

Spoiler Information (Crystal War)


Thomas is actually fairly straight-laced, for all his casualness. He eventually grew out of pranking (…mostly) and became a responsible adult, though he still takes life much less seriously than many of his fellow Baronians.


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