Thomas Gullimane

The youngest boy of a wealthy family, he is a skilled marksman with a kind, peaceful disposition. He has a real passion of the outdoors, and his tracking abilities as well as his unmatched aim make him irreplaceable in the Outrider team.


Author: Abyrae and Michael Ramirez
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Place of Origin: Golden Heights, Marcaria
Height: 5'10" (177 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
Hair Color: Red-auburn
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Occupation: Marksman
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: The Outrider Chronicles


Thomas comes from a wealthy family with an exceptional military tradition that stretches back even before the forming of the Commonwealth. The second-youngest child of four boys and two girls, he has always had to press hard to gain the attention of his parents, even if it involved doing things he really had little interest for, like the military.

Living in one of the most wealthy areas of Marcaria, Thomas had plenty of time to practice his outdoor skills on the many hunts his father and older brothers would take him on. It was on these hunts that he would find he had a natural affinity for the outdoors as well as marksmanship, though he used it in a way his siblings did not. Instead of killing animals, he would challenge himself to only graze them, causing as little of an actual wound as possible. He became quite good at shooting off the tips of deer antlers or single feathers off of birds, but never killed anything. Though he was constantly teased about this by his brothers, his father said little. He already had three proud boys to carry on the family tradition, so if his youngest wanted to play such games he wasn’t going to waste his breath scolding him.

Once Thomas reached the age of 16 he, like his brothers before him, was enrolled into the Academy at Prosperity Point. Though he didn't want to go, Thomas felt compelled to carry on the family tradition, and his father hoped that if it did not at least toughen him up, it would at least provide him an education so that he might be successful elsewhere.

Just before leaving for the capital, however, an incident occurred that has troubled him since. That night, while the rest of the family slept, he had gone out into the surrounding forest where he was most comfortable to relax and gather his nerves for his coming trials. It was then that he heard movement and muffled crying. Grabbing his newly-gifted repeating rifle, he went to investigate.

He discovered that a group of men were kidnapping his youngest sister. Too far away to get help and worried about what they might do to her, Thomas did the only thing he could think of: he fired. With unerring accuracy, he hit the man carrying his sister in the leg, sending them both to ground. Before the other two knew what was happening, he struck them both, one in the arm and the other in the shoulder. They ran off, leaving the first man there with his sister. After untying her, he moved to confront the man he had shot, who was now howling in agony.

It was then that he realized it had been one of the family’s stewards, who was the same age as him. With wide eyes, he saw that the boy's leg was bleeding much quicker then he had first assumed. Thomas had severed the artery, and despite his best efforts he could not stop the bleeding. The boy died right in front of him. The local constabulary had heard the shots and found the trio soon after, Thomas' sister clinging to him and sobbing as he just stared at the dead body. It took some time until he was snapped out of his stupor and explained what had happened. Though he was proclaimed a hero by his family and the town, he felt a dark emptiness in his stomach, the face of the boy as he died stuck in his mind.

Thomas did fairly well in his studies at the Academy, though he did not show much passion for it. As the son of a noble family, he was assigned to the officer training program, though at the time there was a shortage of qualified officers that could take him under their tutorage. He ended up being selected at random by Captain Takara Ino Delamer of the Crimson Guard and more recently the Outrider program when she was asked to chose from the cadets to form a protection detail for Ambassador Mercader.


For a soldier, Thomas is actually a fairly relaxed and peaceful man who tends to be very helpful and polite to all people. He does not relish combat and will actively avoid it if possible. He will however fight if ordered so or if he feels he must, though even still he will try as hard as possible to avoid taking a life unless it is absolutely necessary. He tends to be quite sad if he does have to kill someone or something, even if it just a small animal for food.

Thomas tends to be a bit shy and quite innocent in the workings of the world, and still keeps some of his boyhood tendencies since he was the baby boy of the family and was often treated as such. He is interested in the fairer sex, yet never really learned how to approach them, hence he tends to be nervous and blush a good deal.


Thomas loves the woods and has become quite good at surviving in the wilderness, and his aim is second to none. He is a capable (if not perfect) soldier and alright with a sword, though he much prefers his rifle which is less "messy". Unknown to most, he is also a fairly good dancer and enjoys dancing a good deal, though he must often concentrate on not tripping over his own feet if dancing with a good looking woman.


Thomas carries a standard military kit with only a few changes of civilian clothes as ordered for this mission. Along with his sword. he also carries his prized Repeating Rifle, a very recent development in firearms technology that allows him a much improved rate of fire over the more common bolt action and single shot weapons of most soldiers.

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