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The God of Sin of Destiny and he is Lady Reina TealLeea's and Duke Hansen's one and only son and the rencariantion of Lord Jacklet Woodsborn, a young man who was of unknown origins.
He is the only TRUE Immortal with in my story. He is Cain Adam Oatsworth's lover, who happens to be a Golden Werewolf half blood. His boss of the Galactic 2nd station, is named Daryl Orochi**
The crest on his necklace, which he sometimes wears, is his Rune/Symbol. He is very allergic to both Garlic, Bees/Wasps and Spiders, they makes him puff up like a big balloon/turns his skin bright red. Theo can't handle his emotions very well at all per say. He is also a Sadist°°° and although he is very very rich, he does donate some (a lot of) money to different charities found in the Ten Light Dimensions.

It is currently unknown of why Cosmos had summoned him into the Great War of Dissidia.

°°° Despite Theo being a Sadist he doesn't show it every ofen which means he must have "locked" that side of himeslf up, that might possibly be a very bad thing, because it means that he might be bottling up his uncontrolled emotions or something like that.

Author: Silver Goddess

Age: 37

Height: 7'9"

Weight: 300 lbs.

Birth date: October 31st.

Race: Half Black Blooded Vampire/Dark Destinian Vampire

Status: Alive

Occupation: Galactic Cop: Head Captain, Silver Branch Division, room # 999

Likes: Cain (James), Bunnies, "Hard" Red Wine, Beef, Chicken, Apples, and Spicy foods

Appears In: Light is Eternity (Part 3 only), White Cloud, The Great Dissidia Wars


Lady Reina TealLeea {mother, ex-wife of Duke, Ultra Sailor Red Death, Queen of all Vampires and Goddess of Flames, currently missing}

Duke Ken "Black Killer" Hansen {father, former Vampire King, God of True Darkness and completely brainwashed puppet of JoCeno}

Lord Trinity Cross {Best friend of Duke, Godfather of Theodore and prisoner of JoCeno and "HER", located in Duke's Mansion}

Greeny {talking shape-shifting bunny from Alsatia and she's Theodore's very precious pet}

Connie Monroe {"cousin" of Theodore, Thunder Demon Princess and New Police Officer at Theo's station and she helps with Kalea's team, the Blue Light Warriors}

Sir Dave Darklore {"uncle" of Theo, Demon King and a big support for both Theodore and Connie}

Madame Pandora Darklore {"aunt" of Theo, former Demon Queen, now a magical Wandering Dancer of sorts}

Adam James Oatsworth {former and deceased "friend" (????)}

Candace BloodMoon {ex-girlfriend, head of the Vampire Council, and best friend-ish, sometimes}

Daryl Orochi {boss, and former lover (wait……what????)}

"Psycho" Keia Blaze {hated enemy, ally of Chaos, former best friend, Knight and Prince}

Sebastian Blaze {Psycho's older half brother, King, and a great ally to the Galactic Police Force}

◆◆Cain Adam Oatsworth {deceased lover, dear best friend, and "the light" in Theodore's lonely life style} ◆◆

Seleneity Ruby "Selene" Oatsworth {Cain's deceased younger twin, and an all powerful terribly clumsy warrior}

Lily (Queen Lucia NiiSae) Oatsworth {Cain's mother, Guardian of the village, and now former Queen from StarFire, Green Terra}

Mike Oatsworth {Cain's father, Chief of the village and hates Theodore with a deep passion}

Ricardo Artiende {A Dragon Warrior of Cressona who was originally from Lugas City. Kalea, Sirah, and her sister, Akira, can ultimately understand his deep pain, but they become very nervous when he’s angered}

Sirah Jingukashi {dear friend, ally of Cosmos in the war and Theo's admiration for strength, faith, and kindness, they are like Oil and Water to each other}

King Seda Raybrandt {ally of Cosmos in the war, a very big smart ass just like Theo here, and one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, the strongest one}

Toan Pendragon {son of Aga and Renee, lover of Seda, ally in the war, and one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, second strongest one}

Ace Cross "Harvey" {Golden God of Alsatia, lover and fiancé of Kalea, most newest ally of Cosmos}

☆ Kalea Pearl (Solera Moonlight) Jade { Silver Goddess of Alsatia, leader of the Blue Light Warriors, future queen of Ace, long time ally of Cosmos, and Theo's admiration for love, purity, courage, power, and trust, he might have a crush on her/a need to protect her.} ☆

James Steven Moonlore {Cain (and Princess Stellalena NiiSae) rencarianed, newly found lover during the war and soon to be engaged to him for all of eternity}

Dica Dellaciio {A Psychic human from Earth, France, a village by the sea, Dico's younger brainwashed brother, and he greatly fears Kalea}

JoCeno {most hated enemy, Black God of Alsatia's Dark Realms, half brother to Seda, and ally of Chaos, a total asshole}

Bio: Theodore has a talking pet bunny named Greeny, a "half" often bitchy (as he puts it sometimes) cousin named Connie Monroe (the Thunder Demon Princess/formerly Sailor Black Bunny), and that Sir Dave Darklore (her uncle), who is the powerful Flame Demon King, and an old friend of his mother's, Lady Reina (the Vampire Queen) has been missing ever since he was only 5 years old, so he promised to rise Theodore in her place, since Duke (the former Vampire King) could not be found at the time. Theodore has a deep former, but yet unknown connection to Cain's long deceased ancestor, Adam James Oatsworth. Theodore once dated a female Vampire named Candace BloodMoon (head of the Vampire Council) and he thinks she's an annoying bitch/whore/slut. Theodore is a bisexual man and he really loves Cain (James in TGDWs/later on) dearly to the point where sometimes he doesn't even understand why.

Theodore doesn't really remember his childhood very much, probably because of all the wine he's been drinking over the many long years, eons, but also might be because of something else entirely.

Theodore also questions his own sanity from time to time as he says to Kalea, Sirah, and Fiore, that he hears a voice in his head ofen, to the point where he sometimes he can't sleep or eat, but otherwise he's fine, mostly, well maybe a little.

** Means "Big Snake" in Japanese.

Note: Theodore says the "F Word" quite often when he speaks to someone and it's a part of his character, but why??? Well, heh heh heh, I have no idea, to be honest here.

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