Theodore Harvey

"Nothing is impossible. Only extremely improbable."

Author: Aldraia
Race: Lunarian/Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Father KluYa, mother Cecilia, uncle FuSoYa, younger brother Cecil
Place of Origin: Mysidia
Place of Residence: Baron
Height: Tall
Weight: Average (considering height)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Sorceror
Appears In: Battle Worthy; Crystal War; Children Caught; Son of the Right Hand


Born in Mysidia, Theodore was rather abruptly orphaned at the age of five after his father's murder at the hands of his students was swiftly followed by his mother's death in childbirth. The child, his younger brother, survived, and fearful due to the swift succession of deaths, Theodore took his brother and ran. Taking the Serpent's Road, the brothers arrived in Baron where they were subsequently found and taken in by the king. Raised Baronian, Theodore has only vague memories of the village where he was born. He was trained as a black mage in the service of Baron and swiftly gained a reputation as a liar because of his habit of telling crazy stories.
During his youth, Theodore befriended the Red Wing Thomas Keen. The two young men proceeded to terrorize Baron with an unprecedented pranking spree.


Theodore is confident almost to the point of arrogance. He has a penchant for mischief and rarely takes life seriously, though he can be serious if the situation warrants. He is deliberately more casual than his fellow Baronians, trying to put those around him at ease. Theodore is the sort of person who will try to cheer everyone up when things go wrong or someone is feeling down.

Skills and Abilities

  • Black Magic: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Sleep
  • White Magic: Cure, Esuna
  • Sorcery: A strange power that Theodore seems to use more through instinct than specific spells. He can use it to read minds and communicate at a distance, among other things.
  • Arcane Knowledge: Theodore knows stuff. He spent most of his childhood in a library reading, and he takes advantage of his superior knowledge whenever he can. The more esoteric the information, the more Theodore wants to know it.
  • Arcane Magic: As a result of this knowledge, Theodore can work in branches of magic most mages have never heard of. However, due to having less time for study than he would like, he has very limited ability in these magics and frequently has to consult multiple texts before he can actually do much.

Special Items

  • Lucky Stone: A rock that Theodore turned green using magic. It has no inherent magical properties; it is simply a green stone. Theodore likes to hold it when thinking.
  • Small Crystal: A small, clear crystal. Its purpose is not certain, though Theodore seems to be able to use it as some sort of magical focus.

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