The Ghost

A young assassin with a taste for excitement and adventure, the titular character of Ghost and its sequels.

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Author: Weomur

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Character and Personality

Ghost. He originally chose his alias based on the idea that he would be "invisible" to the world, but as he achieved underworld fame it came to represent his elusiveness and his apparent ability to "walk through walls."





Tanned complexion; high, broad cheekbones; narrow chin; long black hair, generally tied back; dark brown eyes; large, pointed nose (think Greek); thin lips. Rather tall, at about six feet (184 cm). Light scar on nose, prominent scar on chin, numerous scars on hands. He's not particularly good-looking but he's not really ugly, either.

He has no formal education, and taught himself much of what he knows. He cannot read, and basically learned how to use magic by looking at diagrams in a (stolen) textbook.

"Contractor" and professional hitman

Social Status
His unconventional occupation means that he holds an odd position in Asterian society. Although he grew up in the Outer City to a poor family, his association with nobles means that he is treated with a mixture of fear and respect by those who know who he is.

Marital Status
Unmarried, with no future plans.

He has a very large family living in the Outer City. Single mother, grandmother and grandmother, three sisters, one (much) older brother, and an uncle. His father is a soldier in the Midden Reserve Troops, but Ghost doesn't really know him; he was born out of wedlock. He ran away from home at a young age after too many dishwashing duties, and the only member of his family he is still close to is his grandmother, who he visits from time to time.
He is Asterian, with some Western (Midden) blood mixed in.

Although he naturally has a rough Outer City drawl, which he reverts to when agitated, he goes to great lengths to conceal his "poor" accent and speaks somewhat slowly, in the short, clipped tones of the middle Inner City. If he tries, he can imitate a noble accent fairly well. Most of the time he doesn't really try and just does it as a joke.

Previously mentioned familial relationships; working relationship/friendship with Duke Warden, a lesser noble; working relationship with various underworld sources and coordinators; tenant and friend of Mrs. Vecker (albeit under the guise of Harold Gestalt); friends with "Tall" Jon and Gareth Medin.

While living in Aster, he rents an apartment from Mrs. Vecker in Rivertown under the name of Harold Gestalt. He also co-owns a small cabin in the Great Forest of Vestria with Jon and Gareth.

His wool coat, which he wears almost constantly, is practically the love of his life. His other valued possessions include his first book on magic, which he's never quite persuaded himself to get rid of; a whole cache of knives, two of which were custom-made by Jon; a couple of turquoise arcanite necklaces, which he switches out whenever necessary; and a feather earring which he received in a bizarre tribal trial he undertook during his travels with Gareth and Jon. He has also amassed a small fortune, most of which is invested in the black market.

He likes playing around with illusions and magic and, interestingly, has some interest in science, especially chemistry (the dangerous kind). He likes music, and has taught himself to play the guitar.

Although it might not necessarily be called an obsession, Ghost is very frugal and is almost miserly with his money. Seriously, he practically hoards the stuff. He also craves cleanliness and is easily bothered by dirt and mess (although he's not nearly as devoted to order as, say, Darkness).

Ghost isn't really religious, per se, but he's certainly not against praying to the gods if he's in a hard spot. When he is feeling particularly pious, he tends to pray to Lady Luck or Leviathan.

Put nicely, he's got problems with authority. Put more bluntly, he's a full-blown anarchist, and not the friendly let's-protest-for-change sort. He sees his job as both a result of the corruption inherent in the system and as a lucrative opportunity to bring the whole thing crashing down.

Nothing if not realistic, although Ghost certainly wouldn't mind seeing government crumple in on itself, become famous and prosperous, and possibly save the world from raging demons, all of that probably isn't going to happen. Instead, he's settled for something altogether more modest: get rich, buy a house far from the city and its meddling, and enjoy a life of freedom and adventure.

Ghost firmly believes that every person is responsible for the outcome of their life. Born poor, he climbed the economic ladder (albeit underhandedly…) and could probably purchase a noble title if he really wanted to; he thinks that everyone else should be able to do the same. Social laws and standards disgust him, and he thinks the majority of the upper class is hypocritical and oppressive. (Samantha and Duke Warden are notable exceptions.)

He's as superstitious as any street rat. To him, the Asterian College of Magic is mysterious and suspicious, bad luck is bound to fall on an endeavor held on the full moon, and an icebound ship is cursed to sail forever. He also believes heavily in luck, but holds no stock in fate. As previously mentioned, he believes that every person is responsible for their own life.

He pretends that he fears nothing. He is, however, terrified of small places (although he loves heights). Before meeting Gareth, he was also afraid of red magic; that fear has since past, but he still dislikes the idea of "verdigris" (mind) magic. Sometimes he has nightmares of being buried alive.

Ghost first comes off as very cheeky and friendly, although of course he makes an effort to give an intimidating first impression to any potential clients. He loves jokes and pranks and has been known for engineering very elaborate ones; he delights in planning, whether it be a joke or a hit. He is thoroughly optimistic about just about everything but government. This sunny disposition, however, hides a strong, adamant personality. He is devoted strongly both to his ideals and his close friends. He is also vain, with a flair for the dramatic. Overall, he is a friendly jokester, but can be tough when necessary.

As mentioned earlier, he is quite proud and vain, and his excessive pride has gotten him into trouble more than once. He also comes off as self-centered and conceited to those who don't know him well. His temper is literally murderous, and on the rare occasions when he gets truly angry, he does not think and acts violently and impulsively.

Ghost's generally optimistic personality means that he is rather likeable, once you get used to his quirks. He also has a good conscience and can easily empathize with others- something that he considers more of a flaw than a strength! (He goes to great measures to avoid feeling "sorry" for his victims. In the past, that hasn't worked out so well.) In the more physical sense, he is agile and something of an acrobat. He isn't very good in direct melee combat, but his knifework is impressive all the same. He's skilled in illusion magics, and has mastered basic illusions to the point that he can even make "tangible illusions (illusions that affect all five senses), although not without great effort.

He doesn't have any pets, but he likes dogs. Big ones.

Taste in books, music, etc.
Ghost can't read. When it comes to music, he detests banjos and folk music, but doesn't mind a little acoustic strumming on the guitar. His tastes run simple for the most part, but he also enjoys music that has a strong beat. If he lived in modern times, he'd probably like punk rock, more for its message than anything else.

Food Preferences
Ghost likes spicy food, especially seafood. He especially likes crawfish, although they are fairly hard to come by in Aster. As for drinks, under most circumstances he'll just drink water. When the situation calls for drinking, however, he'll almost always order whiskey. (He's kind of a lightweight, and more often than not will either only sip at a drink politely or, when holding up appearance, magic the stuff away and act drunk. He doesn't really like being drunk and hates being out of control.)

Ghost can't read… which means he can't write, either.

Birthday and Zodiac
Why does this feel like I'm writing up an article for a dating service? Anyway, Ghost was born on November 17, 957 A.F. That makes him a Scorpio. Good luck, Leos.


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