Telion Cordracone

[KJ: KoH] The young King of Kothera seems unworthy of the grandness of that title. Irresponsible, irreverent, and unpredictable, his reckless attitude only barely conceals his wounded heart. He has spent most of his life trapped by the past. The world must turn on its head for him to look forward to his future.


Author: KJ
Race: human, Kotheran
Gender: male
Age: 18
Date of Birth: March 31
Place of Origin: Kothberari Castle
Currently Located: Kothberari Castle
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lb
Hair Color: golden brown
Eye Color: dark blue
Occupation: king
Nickname(s): Ter Your Majesty, Patch, useless wretch
Appears In: King of Hearts


Telion has been on the throne of Kothera since he was a small child. An orphan, he never knew his mother Iria and has only a few memories of his father Kerenias Cordracone. However, he is constantly reminded of the power and prosperity of his father's reign… in contrast to his own.

It is fairly common knowledge that Telion is a puppet (a moody and rebellious one) for the real power in the country, Max Hamilton. Max is constantly frustrated and disappointed by Telion's inability to measure up to his father's legacy, and makes no secret of his scorn for the young king. In return, Telion thwarts Max by being as apathetic in ruling a country as possible.

The quarrels between Max and Telion began shortly after Telion became king. An arrangement that Kerenias had made before his death resulted in Telion's engagement to Jolene, princess of Aregeist (Kothera's neighboring country) and daughter of the legendary Erylandes. Rather than resisting this arrangement, Telion fell in love with Jolene and the people he met in Aregeist. The cataclysmic fall of that country, and the loss of Jolene, broke his heart. Telion lingered in mourning for years, and left the country in Max's hands.

However, Telion's life has not been entirely grim. He is famous for his devotion to his dead fiancee, but also for his persistence in running away from the castle for days on end. It is rumored that the guards in Kothberari are meant to keep their king inside, not protect him from danger. He is supported by his personal servants, Zia, Song, and Min. Also, he is currently engaged to the daughter of a powerful noble house, Kalessa Deyorne, of whom he is rather fond.

Telion's latest escapade took a different turn than usual when, in an attempt to reunite with his best friend Cat, he enlisted the help of a roving gypsy. Joi Cadion, by some chance or fate, resembles the king enough to be mistaken for him. Telion trades places with Joi, but rather than making the most of his freedom, he comes back in the guise of "Patch" to keep an eye on his look-alike. In the process he learns more about himself than he wished, but at the same time uncovers the secrets of the real fall of Aregeist…


Telion's nature varies depending on who you ask about him. According to Max, Telion is lazy, irresponsible, and a disgrace to the crown he wears. His friends would describe him as sensitive, sad, and proud. There is no question, however, that Telion is 1) very clever, 2) very stubborn, and 3) very unpredictable.

After years of living among the treacherous Kotheran court, he is also very manipulative. His affection for his friends rarely stops him from lying to them or even using them. He is ashamed of this trait in himself, and sees himself as cowardly for not defying Max. Except for Max, though, there is not a great deal that frightens him. As much as he laments all that he's lost, he is not an especially miserable person, and gets a great deal of pleasure out of being a rebel and a clown.

Other Notes

  • He is athletically gifted, and very strong, despite his small stature. He is a good fencer as well as a good climber after years of sneaking out of the castle.
  • He is a good dancer.
  • He is not in love with his current fiancee, Kalessa, but both of them play a very romantic couple for the sake of court gossip.
  • He always wears long sleeves to hide where Max has bruised his arms.
  • He wears his hair in a long braid in memory of Jolene.

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