Tamara's parents were always dissappointed in her because she had elemental magic, which was always associated with witch's, when she sent away to her room as a child, she became emotional and ended burning her own home and family to the ground.
After that Jakuu took her in, and she became his personal assasin. She is also Ophelia's mother.

Author: mizkittycat
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Date of Birth: Kio 1248
Place of Origin: Amadore
Currently Located: Amadore
Height: 5'5
Weight: 6
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Bright green
Occupation: Assasin/Mother
Nickname(s): Mummy, Witch, Mara
Appears In: Amadore


As a child she killed her own family when she was crying in her bedroom by setting her house alight. after that Jakuu took her in and made her his assasin, she met her husbund when she was 17 and had her daughter Ophelia when she was 18, but when Ophelia was 5 Tamara's husbund descovered that she was a witch and ran off. Left alone with her daughter, she was forced to turn back to Jakuu.


Tamara is very quiet and dosn't like to talk about herself or her line of work, she is fiercly potective of her daughter and of her friends, evidence of this is she made Jakuu leave Samara alone when he wanted to kill him at the risk of her own life.

Skills and Abilities

Tamara has many magic abilities, mainly elemental magic.

  • Burn: She can light objects around her and use wind to scatter them around her enemy, burning them in a ball of fiery objects
  • Water shield: If there is water nearby, she can conbine it and turn it into a protective shield.
  • Gale: She can split up a group of enemy's, making it easier for her and her ally's to target them.
  • Vines: She can make the roots from the earth rise up and entangle her enemy's

Special Items

Tamara dosn't have any item's or weapon's, she rely's solely on her magic and brain's.

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