Takara Ino Delamer (TOC)

A young woman of unknown origins, able to command mana to a level that was thought to be impossible. Raised into a military family, she is a spectacular warrior whose abilies and tactical knowledge assure the victory to the Outriders in many conflicts.


Author: Abyrae and Michael Ramirez
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Place of Origin: Unknown
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52.1 kg)
Hair Color: Blue-black
Eye Color: Gold
Occupation: Crimson Guard
Nickname(s): Flatty McGrumpy
Appears In: The Outrider Chronicles


Takara had been living on the streets of Prosperity Point for an unknown period of time with the urchin gangs that are not uncommon in the slums of the city, either begging or stealing what meager food she could. She was still quite young when she was caught stealing food from a street vendor by then Captain Joseph Delamer.

Usually, he would turn such a child over to the state for care. But he took pity on the girl, who hardly knew more than her name, and that was only because it was written on a small chain around her neck. He had always wanted a daughter, and since he and his wife had discovered she was barren, he felt this might be a sign from above.

Takara took quickly to her new home and life. While not doing spectacularly in school, she took to martial pursuits very quickly and became quite good with a sword. With her adoptive father's, who was by now a general, blessing and assistance, she managed to attend the Commonwealth's Military Academy and graduated with High Honors.

As a new Lieutenant, she led successful missions against roving monsters in the rural areas of Marcaria and earned a promotion to Captain while fighting in border skirmishes with the Stolzak Empire along the Giant's Spine. For her actions at the Battle of Granite Gate, Takara was inducted into the elite Crimson Guard, the first woman to do so, and trained in the use of the recently developed Animus pattern armor and Shockblaze sword.

Takara has shown surprising skill with her new armor, and this along with other factors have lead her to be loaned to the Ministry of Foreign Relations as a security officer for their new Outrider program.


Takara can be quite stubborn, loud, and argumentative when she is out of the warrior mindset that she has been raised in. Many fear her temper and dread falling on her bad side or encountering her on the battlefield, as she is rumoured to be downright sadistic with her enemies. On the other hand, she has earned the respect of her peers for her bravery, martial prowesses, and commitment to do what she believes is right. In reality, Takara uses her aggressive fa├žade to mask her insecurities. Deep down, she just wants to be loved for who she is, and not for what she is capable of. When in a good mood, she is known to have a sharp wit and shows a level of empathy and compassion that many would have believed impossible to find in such a woman.


Being raised in a martial family for almost all her life, Takara is highly skilled in multiple forms of combat, both armed and unarmed. She also has a great deal of experience with horseback riding as well as basic understanding of the multiple forms of transportation the Marcarian Army uses.

After becoming an officer, she began training in the use of arcane-enhanced equipment as well as the basics of magic. Though she still does not fully grasp the intricacies of magic, she understands enough so that she can make efficient use of her enchanted armor and sword. It should be noted that if she had the intellect for arcane work, Takara might have become a quite powerful mage, since she seems to be able to harness impressive amounts of mana when necessary.


Takara travels fairly light, carrying a standard military field pack along with a few changes of civilian clothes and a dress uniform for official functions (something she has never been thrilled with).

Though she does carry a military grade pistol, her real power lies in her Animus armor and her Shockblaze sword.

In its normal state, the Animus armor appears to be just a simple field uniform for the Crimson Guard, though magical detection will reveal an aura coming off the entire uniform. This uniform is actually the undersuit for the actual armor, which is summoned from a pocket dimension and appears around the wearer with but a simple command. This armor is made from an alloy that reacts extremely well with the wearer's mana, and runes inscribed on the inside of the suit increase the wearer's strength, speed, and stamina depending on the amount of magical energy the user puts into it.

However, there is a limit to what the armor can do as its constant draw of mana from the wearer will eventually exhaust the user to a point where further action will cause unconsciousness. All Animus suits are linked to their wearers in such a way that they can detect the health of the soldier, which is used as a means to prevent the armor from falling into enemy hands. Should the wearer lose consciousness, the armor will automatically return to its storage dimension, whereas if the wearer should be killed, the armor (or what is left of it) is sent through its pocket dimension to a secure armory in Prosperity Point. Some veteran Guardsmen have suggested that long time or frequent users of the armor seem to gain better control of, and benefit from, their armor more than just normal use of such a suit would explain, though this has yet to be proven.

The Shockblaze sword is an alchemical creation that combines a sword of various style (based on the user's preference), with special runes and enchantments that allow the wielder to gain special electrical or heat based effects from their sword, powered by their own mana. From the ability to knock out a subject with a small shock or quickly weld metals, to electrocuting swathes of enemies or frying them to a crisp, this latest creation of arc-science allows those without the intellect or time to learn traditional spellcraft the ability to harness arcane power when they need it.

It should be noted however that Takara's Shockblaze sword is a generic-issue claymore, much to the amusement of her fellow Crimson Guards. Being a fairly new member of the elite force, her personalized blade (which would have been a Schiavona) had not been completed by the time she was assigned into the Outrider team.


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