Takara Ino Delamer

As one of the titular Serenis, Takara's existence is shrouded in mystery. Her past, present, and possibly her future are intricately woven with the fate of the majority of the cast.


Author: Abyrae
Race: Serenis
Gender: Female
Age: 67, appears to be in her twenties
Date of Birth: 1st day of Gerros, 1632 (July 24th, 1632)
Place of Origin: Orlanth, Alont
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: Around 105 lbs (47.6 kg)
Hair Color: Midnight black
Eye Color: Gold
Occupation: Swordswoman
Nickname(s): The Lioness, Golden Eyes, Flatty
Appears In: Serenis
Theme: E.S. Posthumus - Lavanya


Little is revealed about Takara's past due to her secretive nature. Rumours abound about her; some claim that she is a powerful witch, others that she is the Duke's secret lover, or that she is a cold-blooded murderer who has been living for centuries. Few people are able to discern the truth from the lies about her with certainty.

What is known, however, is that she is no ordinary woman: Takara is one of the Serenis, a race of female celestial beings who, as a punishment from the Dark Gods, have been condemned to walk the earth and give men many descendants. Björn Raganhar, the Duke of Alont, alluded that he has known her for many years, and that there is a connection between her and T.D., one of the former Princes of the West.

It is also evident that Takara has received some form of military training in the past. No one is however able to tell when or where it would have happened (except perhaps Duke Björn), since the way she fights appears to be a combination of many styles. As an errant swordswoman (and one who is more or less immortal due to her origins), it may just be that she has traveled the world and learned from various masters in secrecy since women being able to join the military is a rather novel concept in many nations.


Takara is best described as aloof; she always keeps her distance, both physically and emotionally, from the majority of people. Whether it is a trait of the Serenis in general or the result of a past trauma is left undetermined. She especially abhors physical contact; if someone invades her personal space without her consent, she may react with violence.

She is however loyal, dependable, and very disciplined, and is normally able to remain completely stoical and and level-headed in most stressful situations. A strong believer of honesty, she can sometimes be extremely blunt and critical when she speaks. When trouble comes, she often acts as the voice of reason to the people around her, guiding them as necessary, and showing a lot of fortitude (sometimes to the point of stubbornness) when things just keep getting worse.

In the rare moments she shows any emotion, it is generally anger. Some people have a way to push the right buttons to make her lose her composure. Cynicism and an unhealthy dose of jadedness are not foreign to her. But if someone were to pay close attention when she is calm, they may be able to perceive melancholy in her eyes, if only for a brief moment.

She is slow to trust others, but once that trust is given, she will be fiercely loyal and protective. To say that Takara does not react well to betrayal and dishonesty is an understatement. To believe she will easily forgive and forget should any harm come to any of her few trusted friends is a grave mistake.


Takara seems to possess many abilities. Some are innate to her nature as a Serenis while others were acquired during her life. Not all powers of the Serenis have been listed below; some are common to all, while others (like the ones recorded here) vary from one Serenis to another.

  • Agility: Even for a Serenis, Takara is not strong physically; she is short and has a small build, and suffers from bad lungs (asthma). However, she has trained intensively to improve her physical condition, always trying to push the limits of her body further without the use of her innate magical abilities. As a result, she has developed quick reflexes and has increased her endurance above what is the average for a normal human being.
  • Combat: Takara has been taught in the use of various forms of combat, both armed and unarmed. She excels at swordplay, and particularly at dual wield. Her swordsmanship style is very unique, regardless of how many swords she uses. If necessary, she will find creative ways to use random objects as weapons.
  • Mana: Perhaps what is the most unusual about Takara is the fact she has a lot more mana (magical energy) than most magic users, both human and Serenis. On the other hand, she is unable to access most of it when not using her spatiotemporal powers. She can release bursts of energy as an attack under the right circumstances, like all Serenis, but has very little control over her powers when she does so.
  • Space-Time: Human magic users in Serenis are naturally limited to elemental magic. Yet the Serenis display a much larger range of powers. In Takara's case, she possesses abilities that are spatiotemporal in nature; she can increase or lower the speed at which she is moving if desired. She can also teleport on short distances; never farther than what she can see, however, which means that if she is stuck in a room without a window or in complete darkness, she can be trapped. She is incapable of using time magic on other people or objects, but she can teleport more than just herself, albeit with greater strain and only if she is touching them.


  • Arm/Hand-coverings: It doesn't matter if it's boiling hot outsite, her hands and/or arms will always be covered due to her aversion to physical contact.
  • Daggers: She always has one or two concealed on her, most of the time hidden in her boots.
  • Leather clothes: Lots of them, most of the time skin-tight. No one is sure why…
  • Slicey: A short sword that she normally wields in her right hand.
  • Stabby: Slicey's twin, held in her left hand (which is also her dominant hand).

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