T'heraihrlhohnhekhahon is a Khirhodhenkhirhom that appears to be a coiled jewelry piece that is meant to be worn like a vambrace. His illusion form is very long, ribbon like, and segmented, which, to his utmost displeasure, has given him the nickname of Tape Worm.


Author: Xovq
Name Pronunciation: teh-RAI-rdlo-neh-KAY-on
Race: Khirhodhenkhirhom Ward
Element: Earth
Gender: Male
Age: 473 Dhaht'harlhkhirlh years, about 2461 Earth years
Place of Origin: Dhaht'harlhkhirlh
Currently Located: Tarakaia
Height: 2.7"
Length Coiled: 13" Uncoiled 18' 6"
Weight: .5 Lbs
Eye Color: Jade Green
Surface Color: Mostly white, grey, and/or black with yellow, tan, or orange edges. Coloration and patterns are changed at will.
Occupation: Judge, Seer, Ward
Nickname: Terai'n, Tape Worm
Name meanings: Seer of the Present, Eternal White Metal, Traveler of Previous Places.
Appears In: Brother's Judgment (?)


T'heraihrlhohnhekhahon was sent to be a ward for the Ferox nations in the east. He uses his Aura to discourage demons from attacking the eastern cities. Because he is so well locked up and heavily guarded, he does not have to deal with thieves (unlike Dheighamhot (Deigom).) The rulers in the east occasionally come to him for guidance. They do not fear him in the same manner that the rulers in the north and west fear their wards.


Terai'n is a serious individual, and usually does not talk to much, but he will gladly impart wisdom to whomever asks. When he does speak, he can be very bold. He is also rather stubborn by nature. It's easier to move a mountain than make him change his mind when he has made a decision. He never tells a lie, nor does he ever bend the truth, and he will tell you how it is whether you like it or not.

Skills and Abilities

  • Telepathy: T'heraihrlhohnhekhahon can form a telepathic connection to who ever is holding him. He also senses the outside world through the holder's own senses. He can only sense the outside world when he has contact with an individual, otherwise, he is completely blind, deaf, and unable to feel.
  • Illusions: He can create very realistic illusions and use them to communicate. While he is perfectly capable of making deceptive illusions seem real, he will not use illusions to deceive.
  • Khirhodhenkhirhom Aura In a way it is an extension of telepathy, allowing him to connect with an individual from far away, but it communicates with only feelings. The aura is felt by all in range, and it is not specific to any particular individual. When he does not want any one moving his physical body, he can use the aura to cause individuals to feel unease, discomfort, or fear. Tarai'n's aura extends much further than most other Khirhodhenkhirhom Auras.
  • Sight of the Present When Terai'n uses this ability, he is able to see everything that is happening in the world at that particular moment. In order to see something, however, it must be connected to the ground in some way, or in other words, he cannot see things that fly. He also needs to be connected to the ground in order to use this ability. This ability requires a lot of energy, so he can only sustain it for a short time.
  • Teleportation Terai'n can teleport himself with a holder, to somewhere that the holder has been before. He can only use this ability while he is held by someone, and that location must be somewhere on the planet they are currently on.


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