An enigmatic young soldier who quickly rose in the ranks of the Alontian military, T.D. was the Prince of the West during Björn's youth, a tenure that lasted for a decade before he disappeared without a trace one faithful night.


Author: Abyrae
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27 at the time of his disappearance
Date of Birth: 25th day of Kimlis, 1639 (January 19th, 1639)
Place of Origin: Undetermined, somewhere in Alont
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: Around 115 lbs (52.1 kg)
Hair Color: Midnight black
Eye Color: Gold
Occupation: Prince of the West
Nickname(s): The Boy Wonder, Thaddeus
Appears In: Serenis
Theme: Lindsey Stirling - Shadows


According to his official military records, T.D. was born to common parents in a small Alontian village by the sea. It is somewhere in the eastern provinces that Björn Raganhar, son of the Duke and Prince of the North, found him during one of his missions and decided to take the boy under his wing as his squire.

T.D. was granted the title of Knighthood after five years of education at the Royal Military Academy and tutelage under Björn. He became the Prince of the West in the year 1656 at the age of seventeen, after the unexpected death of the previous Prince, Iason Aran. To this date, he is the youngest man to ever be promoted to such a high-ranking position.

After being assigned to oversee the Alontian Cavalry, and despite his young age and lack of experience, T.D. brought many victories to the nation when conflict arose once more between the Duchy of Alont and its neighbour, the Republic of Kalaeis. For many people, this made him some kind of military prodigy, and it earned him the nickname of "the Boy Wonder". Admired by many of his peers and the people alike, T.D. was apparently destined to greatness.

Destiny, however, had something else in store for him. Roughly ten years after T.D.'s accolade, the Prince of the South, Corbin Ormond, was brutally murdered, and the younger Prince vanished without a trace. Many rumours spoke of T.D. being responsible for the crime, something which was strongly denied by both Björn and Wulfric Aston, the Prince of the East. Corbin's death still remains a mystery, and the Boy Wonder continues to fascinate the people of Alont. Just who was T.D., exactly?


T.D. was an enigmatic lad; no one, except maybe his mentor Björn, seem to know who he really was. Few people even know with certainty what his full name was; a lot of people, for some reason, keep incorrectly guessing his first name to be Thaddeus, much to his annoyance. He was often taciturn, cautious, and sometimes even evasive. He would treat his fellow soldiers with respect, but did not go out of his way to befriend any of them; this may denote that he was afraid of getting attached to any of them, probably so he wouldn't get too hurt if, or when, one of them died in the line of duty. He has however shown great concern and compassion toward the men under his command, as well as toward his fellow Princes and the people of Alont.

T.D. valued loyalty, honesty, and discipline above everything else. He followed a strict schedule, would train extensively every day despite being one of the best warriors in the nation, and would rarely act in a way that would be considered disgraceful. He was often the only one that could remain calm and level-headed in stressful situations, and would encourage those around him to not abandon even in the most dire circumstances. Many people considered him to be wise beyond his years.

On the occasions he was feeling more relaxed, T.D. was known to show a quirky sense of humour, enjoyed music and playing the violin, and played chess regularly. He would often be seen, both in and out of uniform, riding his horse in town and around the countryside. He appeared very fond of peaches, adored red meats, and consumed a large amount of sweets. A voracious eater despite his small build, he would get annoyed if someone approached or touched his food.

One interesting thing to note was that T.D. did not like to be touched, and wore gloves and/or other arm coverings at all time.


Most of T.D.'s abilities are skill he has acquired during his military career.

  • Agility: T.D. was short and somewhat lanky for a man, and not very strong physically. What he had however were quick reflexes and a lot of endurance, both to physical effort and to pain in general.
  • Combat: T.D. has been taught in the use of various forms of combat, both armed and unarmed. He excels at swordplay, and particularly at dual wield.
  • Riding: T.D. was an accomplished horseman.


  • Alontian Prince uniform (field): It consists of a grey long-sleeved shirt with black pants, black tall boots, a maroon high-collared sleeveless jerkin, a silver and agate shield-shaped medallion worn clasped at the jerkin's collar, and a pair of silver and agate ear cuffs.
  • Alontian Prince uniform (dress): The dress uniform is similar to the field uniform, except it is made of nicer fabrics, the pants are white, and the jerkin has been replaced by a long-sleeved white coat adorned with maroon trims and aiguillettes.
  • Alontian Prince medallion: As the Prince of the West, T.D.'s medallion was set with a blue lace agate cabochon.
  • Sabre: While not his weapon of choice, as the head of the Alontian Cavalry, T.D. would always carry a standard issue sabre with him, normally strapped to the saddle of his horse. Always "just in case", and because "you can never have enough spare sharpies".
  • Short swords: T.D.'s weapons of choice: a pair of matching steel short swords, both 25 inches in length with a midnight leather-wrapped grip. He would carry them in a double back scabbard.

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