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Chibi below drawn at request by LucarioSoul2 of deviantArt.


Author: Woodwings
Name: Storm Zadkiel.
Alias: Storm.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 19
Hair: Long and blonde, tied in a loose ponytail.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Occupation: Rogue super, informal healer.
Nickname(s): Blondie.
Religion: Kemetic Orthodox (follows Sekhmet and Djehuty).
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar.


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Skills and Abilities

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  • Healing: Able to cure the ailments of himself and others, including illnesses. This can require a lot of energy, and he needs to eat a lot in order to fuel the more serious healings. Not yet sure whether he could use this ability to harm.
  • Telempathy: Will add more in-depth explanation later.
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Special Items

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  • Old steel pipe: Good for hitting stuff or using as a cane.
  • Taser: Good for attacking people.
  • Rucksack: Essential for transporting essentials.
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