Starman is a superhero character, and the leader of a juvenile-to-young adult super team known as V-Squad. He has a reputation for being cranky, though he is not continually so, and he hates dealing with the press. His power is teleportation, his own brand of which requires him to have seen the place he wishes to 'port to beforehand.

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Author: Woodwings.
Name: Max Lance.
Alias: Starman.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 17
Height: 5'7''
Hair: Short and black, a little fuzzy and prone to curls if allowed to grow.
Eye Colour: Dark brown.
Occupation: Junior superhero (team leader).
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar.


Max has few memories that stem from before he was known to possess a superhuman ability, and he was raised mainly by people working for an agency revolving around the training of young heroes. He chose his own costume and alias when he was ten years old, and has never regretted either choice. He doesn't know who his parents are, and he is under the impression that he was recruited from a Children's Home of some kind.


Max is a determined and stubborn sort, one prone to always speaking his mind, whether it's prudent or not, and he has a tendency to be grouchy towards others, particularly strangers. Despite this, he is not a misanthrope or someone who will reject others because they irritate him. He tries to act more tolerant than he actually is, though his perception of his own patience is pessimistic. He isn't very good at working with the softer side of emotions, but he finds that things such as marshalling his team mates and injecting forcefulness into a situation suit him. He is a firm sort, and determined to be dependable, though he can sometimes fall short. He feels a great attachment to every member of his group, though he would scarcely tell them this, and his intrinsic sense of loyalty can sometimes lay him low when he thinks that someone he cares about has been harmed.

Skills and Abilities

  • Teleportation: If he has seen a location, or better yet, is still viewing a location, then he can cause himself to materialise in that position, at an orientation of his choosing. It gets more difficult when there are a number of things in that place that could be altered, and trying to hold too many things in his head whilst 'porting can give him a headache. Generally, it is safest to focus on a few memorable landmarks, and keep the rest slightly out of mental focus.
  • Leadership: Max is adept at convincing others to do as he instructs, though this is not a power. He is usually able to assess a situation quickly, and then give those around him orders suited to their position in said situation.
  • Sneaking around: Max knows a number of techniques for concealing his movements under cover of darkness, such as varying his footfalls so as not to create a regular pattern that someone anxious might be listening for.

Special Items

  • Costume: A grass-green alien costume, complete with large, slanted black lenses for the eyes. The mask is not enlarged, but the suit otherwise matches the stereotypical 'little green man' image. The suit consists of a full mask (with neck portion), a top (with attached, darker green, gloves), trousers (with attached, darker green, shoe analogues), and a pocketed belt. The top bears a symbol from the lower chest to partway onto the belly. This symbol, in black, is the pictorial representation of the star sign Cancer. It was chosen because he liked the aesthetic, and because it had a connection to stars in general. There is no other connection between Max and Cancer, it is merely his idle whim.
  • Tool belt: Contains communications device, emergency beacon, wire, assorted small tools and a coil of thin rope.

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