Skylark Chaser

Skylark Chaser is an assassin. She lives away from the underworld, choosing to rather associate with the less criminal of the middle class. Due to a mishap, she is blind in her right eye. She lives with her cat, Albion.

Author: Bright Eyes
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Date of Birth: The Twelfth day of the month of the Summer Solstice (12 June)
Place of Origin:Redwood Farmlands
Currently Located: Redwood Hamlet
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 48 kg
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Light Blue
Occupation: Assassin
Nickname(s): None - She refuses to tolerate any.
Appears In: If Truth Be Told, A Liar Am I


She met her mentor when she was sixteen. She never found out why he took an interest in her, or why he disappeared after her training.
Recently, she seems to have befriended the two princes of Redwood, much to her consternation.


She is quick to anger, often to her detriment. She is often rash, and sometimes willingly chooses not to think things through. She chooses not to form close bonds with people, as she believes they interfere with her work. However, she shows genuine affection for her half-wild cat, Albion. She dislikes anyone who tries to force their will on her, and will often resort to threats (that she will keep) if anyone attempts this.
She has extensive scarring over both her hands, as all assassins do, which she is embarrassed by. She takes care to hide them under gloves.
She is frequently irritated by her lack of depth perception, as it makes even the simplest of tasks a nightmare for her. She does, however, take great pleasure in guilting Ced about this.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Poisoner: Her preferred method of assassination. It is a family trait.
  • Echolocation: She can use echolocation in unfamiliar areas to compensate for her blind right eye.
  • Linguistics: She can pick up languages quickly, however, dialects give her trouble.
  • Blending and Disguises: She's an assassin. It's part of the job description.

Special Items

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  • Poison phial: A small phial of a quick-kill poison, kept in the lining of her glove
  • Lock picks: Kept in the lining of her other glove. Used to escape from prison
  • Arm Knife: A knife kept in a special holster on her left forearm. Used only in emergencies
  • Boot Knife: A smaller knife kept in her right boot. Used only in emergencies
  • Hairpins: To keep her hair out of her face


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