Sketch is a figment who travels many dimensions and worlds.

Author: Azalea
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: Somewhere
Height: Unknown exactly
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Black and white alternating randomly
Eye Color: One eye is dark green, the other light gray
Occupation: a Muse of Art, part-time guardian angel
Nickname(s): Sketchy
Appears In: Multiple stories


Sketch is, for the most part, unknown. She is a muse of art, inspiration for… sketches. She travels from dimension to dimension whenever she likes, although occasionally she seeks employment as a guardian angel. Those she guards tend to be very artistic, either because they already were or because she somehow influences them. She likes experimenting with things, such as animation. Her animated things tend to be dolls and such, and preferably not scary-looking ones.


Sketch is a bit changeable, as sketches are. It's unknown whether she actually has emotions or if she just seems to and acts like it. She seems to like to help others, though.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Sketching: Sketch sketches sketches. These can be anything from cartoons to extremely realistic ones that come to life.
  • Animation: This requires a lot of sketching. For example, if Sketch wanted to animate a doll, she would sketch the doll in different poses. She would have to have a different sketch for each pose she wanted the doll to be able to do. Then she would put them together and the doll would come to life. The more pose-sketches there are, the more lifelike the doll is. Some of them can even act on their own, although most can't.
  • Breezes: As a muse/guardian angel, Sketch has wings. These wings can be flapped to create breezes. These breezes are usually what she uses to put sketches in order for animation, but they can be used as an attack as well. (She can also fly using her wings.)

Special Items

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  • Dolls: The animated dolls Sketch creates.
  • Art supplies: Anything you can draw with, Sketch has it. These tools never run out, they just turn whole again when they are used. She loves them.


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