Sir Aga Pendragon

The famous Legendary Hero of Green Terra's (Dark Cloud's) lands.


Author: Silver Goddess
Appears In: Alsatia, Kammiea, Light is Eternity, White Cloud Legacy series, The Great Dissidia Wars, Fantasy Theft Auto

Name: Aga Pendragon

Others: Lord TaeLoiPen, Corvell Bane Morris, Aga Cross**

First Name Meaning in the story:
Aga = Three, Light, Sun, in Alsatiaiin/Other (Seleneian)/Silver Lunarian

First Name Meaning in the Real World: Sword, Leader, Pure, Bright, in Persian etc.


Kammiea: 32

Light is Eternity: 44

White Cloud Legacy, DC1, Other: 54

Height: 5'11"

Standing: Hero/Warrior/Knight/Trainer

Likes: Beer, Cats, Broccoli, Crab, Fiore Di Cielo, Making Weapons and Bugging Jack on occasion

Dislikes: Drugs, Guns, Jack's Mother, His Uncle, and Lilith herself

Personality: Fun, Easy Going, Laid Back, Happy, Caring, Friendly, Impulsive, and Protective, but sometimes he can be Angered, Ruthless, Cold, Detached, and Spiteful

Race: Immortal, White Alsatiaiin Neko (God), "Kammiian", Half Human, <— DC/WCL series
Originally: "Seleneian", Demigod

Bio: Lord (Sir) Aga Pendragon, is the (was Neon) God of Wandering. (Toan's father, but also) the father of Trinity and Anthony Cross. Grandfather of Anthony's four sons, Father of NoiDarrLoia and TuuYaPenD RedSheer. Grandfather of KluYa (Kale Pen Cross), Ted Loia (TilPenD), TilliAnna PenD (Tilly), and a very close best friend {sometimes on and off again brother type} of King Jack Higurashi (Raybrandt) himself. [The son of Stephano Pendragon, a former Angorian Sun God now turned as the God of Wealth of Ganora and Priestess Alleson, Lady Evelyn "Evie" Shire] Seer of the Kammiian race and an extremely talented engineer and legendary warrior who's able to cast many "magics" of his own "kind" there.
He is the younger "baby" brother, so to speak, basically, of Jimm, Simba, and Alexandra Cross (Arthur and Mirra's children), along with being Prince TilLoia's uncle, who drinks lots of alchohol. He also has a small pet horned cat named Cuddles (who can change his size at will) who he's had since he was 3 years old, after finding him on his odd "uncle's and aunt's" (Cuore's parents's) huge space ship in the garden sections close to the labs.
The glowy rune that is usually hidden behind all his gloves has been there since he was a very young child, as it was customary to place the rune on the right hands of the children of his ''family's'' clan village from their long lost home world. It also acts as The Entity's symbol or crest, mark of her people.
Aga and Jack have been best friends since they were young kids (ages 5 and 7 respectfully) and having been by each other's side ever since then. One day, while Aga was walking home from playing with Alexandra and Cuddles deep in the woods, he runs into Jackson Ceno (Jack for short) and the two then struck up a fast friendship from then onwards, hanging out together almost every day as they grew up together. As teenagers (ages 18 and 20), they began to expirement with each other to learn how this whole "sex" thing works, after which Aga learns that he's straight (with Jack knowing before this that he was gay, had a giant crush on Aga and his ill mother didn't really like hearing that at all) but still treated Jack no different from before this had happened. Back at the time, at age 13 or 16, Aga starts drinking alcohol after he tastes his first drink of beers from his "Godfather's" large basement cellar. When the two dear best friends were young adults (ages 24 and 26) they together created the God Realms (Black and White) of Alsatia, even giving their families divine powers as well (for Jack it's something he'll regret much later on as his parents become more unstable mentally) and Aga offered a place for his "siblings" but they turned him down and left for a human world (later to be Green Terra) to call home, Aga, although a bit hurt, at first didn't let it bother him, until he realized why they didn't want to stay in the newly made place, but he pushed it out of his mind at the time. At this time as a result of their connection, they create the 'bonding rules' for those with a great bond or strong love for one another as they gathered others to become the first Alsatiaiin Gods of the realms. When they were 26 and 28, they met the Witch twins Lilium of the Light and Lilith of the Dark, Aga immediately got smitten by Lilium's beauty and charms, eventually they started going out as a couple, while Jack (uncomfortably) started dating Lilith (who grew way to attached to him right away) and they after 10 (10,000) years of seeing each other got married after Aga and Jack became 29 and 31 years old, and had kids (Jack and Lilith had JoCeno) and everything was peaceful until Trinity's 17th birthday. On that day everything fell apart as Aga and Jack were completely caught by their wives in the "act" and were yelled at by them (until Jack broke things off with Lilith) and Lilith slowly begun to go insane (which was fueled by Jack's now crazy mother, both bent on killing the two friends and anyone who sided with them) and lashed out at him and Aga, as Lilium tried to stop her twin from doing harm, she got injured, as Lilith continued her rage, during which Aga and Jack (with Trinity at their sides, thus leaving Anthony and Jo on their own in a way, or so they believe) had left Alsatia and fled into the "world" of mortals in StarFire (having creating Destiny in flashes) before returning back to live among the humans of their home Dimension (Kammiea, island) and there they've been ever since the very incident accurred all those many years ago.
Over the years, Aga, well, he is now a great powerful warrior and man of all legends on Green Terra, and a hero that can make armor, crystals and weapons from his own two bare hands, lived a life at sea, and has found a new woman who he loves so dearly with all his being, truly, but is currently looking for her ever since the three great tragedies happened in the world's long forgotten and ancient past took place.

** His "birth" name

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