Captain Corvell Bane Morris

The reincarnation of the famous Legendary Hero of Green Terra's (Dark Cloud's) lands, now a former Knight turned pirate of Porii Keraa.


Author: Silver Goddess
Past Self Appeared in: Alsatia, Kammiea, Light is Eternity, The Great Dissidia Wars
Current Self Appears in: White Cloud Legacy series, Fantasy Theft Auto

Previous Life Name: Aga Pendragon

Reborn Life Name: Corvell Bane Morris

Others of the past: Lord TaeLoiPen, Corvell Bane Morris, Aga Cross**

Reborn's: No other yet

First Name Meaning in the story of his past self's:
Aga = Three, Light, Sun, in Alsatiaiin/Other (Seleneian)/Silver Lunarian

First Name Meaning in the Real World of past self's: Sword, Leader, Pure, Bright, in Persian etc.

Aga's Ages:

Kammiea: 32

Light is Eternity: 44

White Cloud Legacy, DC1, Other: 54

Corvell's: 34

Height: 5'11"

Standing: Hero/Warrior/Knight/Pirate/Trainer

Likes: Beer (in moderation), Cats, Broccoli, Crab, Fiore Di Cielo, Making Weapons and Bugging Jack on occasion, messing with Taran if given the chance

Dislikes: Drugs, Wine, Guns, Hot Water, Jack's Mother, His Uncle, and Lilith herself, Aga's bad memories

Personality: Fun, Easy Going, Laid Back, Energetic, Happy, Caring, Odd, Friendly, Impulsive, Reckless, and Protective, but sometimes he can be Angered, Ruthless, Cold, Detached, and Spiteful

Race: Mortal, Demigod, Half Human

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