Sigmund Hartin

Focused, hard working and a little arrogant, Sigmund is on the right path of becoiming a Lieutenant for the Goldanavana army. It's a shame that fate has a different path for him to walk…


Author: Yllamse
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 5
Place of Origin: Goldanavana
Currently Located: Valeyarn Swamps
Height: 5'8 1/2"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Golden Brown
Occupation: Imperial Army Cadet
Nickname(s): Hart, Zig, Ziggy (If the person feels brave enough)
Appears In: Stella Somnium


Sigmund is the youngest of two brothers in the Hartin family. Loyal to the senate and a family tradition, the Hartin family has been serving in the Imperial Army for decades upon decades. His Father, Lt. Colonel Warren Hartin, is in command of the 3rd Battalion within the 16th division infantry, his mother (Ret. Major Joan Hartin) was in charge of a company within the 18th Intelligence Division and his older brother (Captain Eric Hartin) serves under the 5th Calvary Division with his own company to command. Currently, Sigmund was part of the Army Academy serving as a squad leader for his platoon until they were sent on a practice mission and got separated from his squad.


Sigmund has grown with the soldier mentality drilled into him. He rarely speaks his thoughts, is good at following orders and is learning to be just as good in giving orders. He has no tolerance for indecision and has been known to take command from others in stressful situations that demand action. He has a kind streak with a bit of goofball mixed into the perfectionism but he usually stays in the professional mentality when at school and around his family. Only a few people have seen him act his true self and it's been only close friends.
He might be charismatic but he has no desire to be the fool. Sigmund will watch and analyse any new person he comes in contact with before he even considers to trust the individual.
He has a soft spot for cute little critters, Sigmund will melt out of his "professional" exterior and will gush and "aww" until the little critter is removed or someone snaps him out of it.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Martial Arts: Cadets are trained to fight their fists with the belief that if for some reason they are left without a weapon, they CAN be the weapon. It is usually used as a last resort.
  • Art of the Sword: Sigmund uses a bastard sword in battle situations versus the long sword/short sword/shield combinations.
  • Telekinesis: The Hartins has been able to use a bit of telekinesis within the family line. They've been known to push, pull, toss or pin their opponents.

Special Items

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  • Yyandren: a family sword passed down the generations. It helps the user focus their psychic power effectively.
  • Arvin's Brooch: Each cadet is granted a brooch with properties to keep them either warm or cool within their environments. They get to keep them as they graduate as proof of being a student of the Academy.

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