Shirinari Lykemba

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Zeb (Syntyche), on the left, dressed up as Alucard from Hellsing, and Nari, on the right, dressed up as Chocolate Misu from Bakuretsu Hunters. A Halloween doodle from a while ago.

Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Nari doesn't admit to her real age, but she's in her mid-twenties
Date of Birth: Unknown (she never kept track)
Place of Origin: A small farm outside of Fabul. Her family are originally from some Island background, possibly Eblanian and another background, but her roots have dated back in Fabul for many years.
Currently Located: Baron
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Naturally, Black - Currently, dyed red
Eye Color: A pale lavender/amethyst color
Occupation: Former thief and assassin, currently keeping a low profile while working with MamoRu Ya in his shoppe.
Nickname(s): Nari, "The Devil of Fabul"
Appears In: Unnamed Final Fantasy IV fanstory


Shirinari was raised by her mother and father, the heads of the Lykemba family. The Lykembas had the outward appearance of a pair of farmers and their children, but were (accurately) rumored to be a family of murderers and thieves.

Nari's father was one of the most skilled assassins and deft thieves to have risen in the ranks of the underground Marauders' Guild, which was a network of like individuals spread from the Kingdom of Fabul to Eblan and even Damcyan. He took on many political assassination jobs, which eventually got him killed.

Nari had an older brother, Janus, who was more skilled than she was. They were still children in their apprenticeship to follow in their father's footsteps when an accident took Janus' life. He and Nari had been ice skating on the small lake on their land, when Nari went over some thin ice and fell in. Janus managed to get her out, but died of hypothermia shortly after. This happened when Nari was around 10.

Nari's mother died of an illness when she was around 13, and her father was killed shortly afterward. She became a ward of the Guild, and was taken under the wing of the so-called "Thief King" - a remarkably beautiful man who used his charm and trickery to steal the hearts and wealth of many people. He was not dishonest to his guild, however, and most of his wealth went to their families. He hated nobility with a passion, and believed he was doing no harm.

Nari received a gift from him - a dagger called Hellion. It was enchanted to find a mark in its target from within the user's throwing distance. If the user can throw 10 feet, then the dagger will fly true for 10 feet and find its home in a vital point of the victim.

The Thief King may have loved Nari, but she never found out, as she never had the gall to ask him. She was high in the pecking order, but not THAT high.

Nari spent all of her young life assassinating targets and stealing valuables to sell on the black market. Once Fabul began cracking down on the black market, she changed her "every day" persona from a farm girl to a socialite - she earned a permit to trade valuables, and joined a legal guild for the trade, purchase, and auction of rarities and relics. However, much of her personal offerings to this guild were stolen.

When Nari was in her twenties, the Thief King was murdered by a man Nari hated with a passion. He was a drunk, a braggart, and a womanizer by the name of Theobald. He took over the Guild , and immediately it began to fall apart. The loose network of like individuals began to unravel as many refused to pay the ridiculously high "guild dues" that Theobald imposed, which did not benefit the guild, but only himself. He had those against him killed or forced into hiding - some he even turned over to the local authorities.

Connection to Blue Star and Darkstar figments:
Nari has no direct relation to any characters in the DS or BS realms. However, in independent RP with Syn, she has somehow managed to end up in Baron with Amberyl and Zeb… and even has been in the presence of the King.

Latest developments:

Nari became Theobald’s target for removal when she refused to pay guild dues and "dropped out" of the Marauders' Guild. He also wasn't pleased with her because she had beaten him senseless on many occasions for attempting to accost her.

Then, one day, she came across a young man and a woman in Fabul to pick up replacement vases from a local artisan. She recognized the value of the pieces they were retrieving, and offered to assist them to study them and determine if they were worth marking, but found nothing on them of use but a small crystal. Curious, she lifted it off the young man before returning home.

Unfortunately for her, they realized their possession was missing, and a townsperson spilled the beans on the rumors about Nari's real profession. They came for the crystal, and after a skirmish, Nari found herself unable to defeat them - and realized with a bit of horror that she'd pissed off not only a weird shapeshifting lizard-girl, but also a man she believed was possibly the former Tyrant, Golbez.

To her chagrin, things got turned around when she was asked to return to Baron with them. Realizing she had nothing left for her in Fabul and that fleeing the country may be safest, she left with them. What fate has in store for her, only time will tell.


Shirinari puts forth a kind, helpful face when she's conning people, or just being her "daytime self" as she calls it. When she's her true self, Nari is untrusting, distant at times, but generally as "friendly" as someone with her background can be. She is playful in a slightly mean way, and likes to tease people. She can be sarcastic and vicious, though, and has no qualms with killing anyone. She doesn't see it as wrong - she was never taught that it is immoral.


Nari is generally seen wearing a black, soft-leather jacket, and black leather pants in a cut that is tight on her thighs but loose from her knees down, though usually folded into black boots with a slightly soft underside to minimize sound, but strong shin and knee guards. She wears a thick belt with many pouches of varying sizes attached, a black red-stone-studded choker, and a black leotard under her jacket.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Steal/Mug: Capable of stealing without notice, or mugging a target and taking their wares.
  • Stealth: She is quite quick and light on her feet, though her curvy body makes slipping through tight spaces a little difficult
  • Acting: Nari has developed a knack for pretending to be someone she's not, which helps with getting close to targets.

Special Items

  • Hellion Dagger: The three main properties of this knife, which was gifted to her by the former King of Thieves, are Killing (increases accuracy to 100%), Bleeding (the blade is enchanted in such a way, that it curses the wound it creates so that blood does not stop flowing), and Sealing (Hellion can seal the wounds it made as if they never existed, but there is a catch - if it is taken out prior to the wound being sealed, it has to be re-inserted in the same wound an THEN can be pulled out to seal. Only the wielder can seal wounds made by the knife.)
  • Dispell Bracers: Nari has a set of bracers that can Dispell many forms of magic, though they are not strong enough to push back Zeb's power when he's angry.


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