Shadow is a rather troubled individual with quite the unpleasant past. Underneath the icy exterior he presents is a surprisingly gentle and caring being. Of course only a handful of people have realized that, and to the rest of the world he's the most dangerous and terrifying creature in existence. Also he looks like a girl.


Author: Kamikazi Serpent
Race: Dark Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Dark Realm
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 120lb
Hair Color: A rich copper with some darker auburn bits, later on he has some crazy golden highlights.
Eye Color: One eye is a pale greenish blue, the other is dark red with tiny yellow flecks.
Occupation: Is a secret.
Nickname(s): Babe, and some other, more unflattering, things.
Appears In: []


For the most part Shadow is very calm, quiet, and even a bit shy. Due to past trauma he doesn't trust easily and doesn't really know how to interact with people very well. He has an extremely low opinion of himself and is rather self deprecating. If he didn't know that a few important people would miss him he would likely be dead. He seeks to avoid conflict despite his strength and hates inflicting harm on anything.

Skills and Abilities

  • Dragon form: He's a dragon. A 20ft+ long dragon. He make things go squish. And he can breathe a black, acidic, and occasionally explosive flame.
  • Strength and Speed: He's much stronger and faster than a human, even when in his human form.
  • Dark Magic: It can be used to alter or destroy, though Shadow would rather kill someone then twist them into serving him.

Special Items

  • Lightbane: A rather powerful and large sword that has more significance than anyone but Shadow knows. Sometimes takes the form of a flute as the sword is rather conspicuous.
  • Dreadplate: A large suite of armor to match the sword, and it's just as mysterious. It can take the form of a necklace.


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