Seth Hirschall

A quiet swordsman who has the ability to control light and use it as a weapon.


Author: LittleSnowyOne
Race: Human?
Gender: Male
Age: Early 20s?
Date of Birth: September 14 [year unknown]
Place of Origin: ???
Currently Located: Cornelia
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair Color: White silver
Eye Color: Ice blue
Occupation: Knight of Cornelia
Appears In: Shards of Darkness and Light


Unknown to most people in the realm, Seth is the leader of the legendary Warriors of Light who traveled in time to defeat Chaos, god of discord. He can only remember the first three years of his life. After an act of mercy towards the fallen knight Garland, he was abandoned by his allies, the other Warriors of Light. After returning to the present time, he heads for Cornelia - the first town he can remember visiting. There, he meets Garland, who has lost his memory as well, and travels alongside him in order to protect the world from darkness once again…


Once a confident young man, Seth's personality changed drastically when he was abandoned by the other Warriors of Light. He became withdrawn and depressed, and will rarely talk to others, worried that he'll be left behind by any friends he might make. However, he retained his compassionate nature even through all that he's been through. Despite being extraordinarily strong, he hates conflict and only fights to protect the people of the world.

Skills and Abilities

  • Holy Spells: Magic useable only by Seth, as well as established holy spells such as Banish, Dia and Holy. These are mostly his own unnamed abilities, in which he uses weaponized light to inflict massive damage upon his enemies. Some of his stronger spells were sealed when he wished mercy upon a particularly darkened enemy…
  • White Magic: Healing spells. Out of all the established white magic, Seth can only use Cure, Cura, and the Holy, Dia, and Banish families of spells.

Special Items

  • Water Crystal: The elemental crystal Seth has carried for as long as he can remember. It is growing duller, and that worries him…
  • Braveheart: Seth's holy sword. Taken from him when he wished for mercy upon an enemy. He might be able to get it back later…
  • Armor of Light/Shield of Light: These were taken from him when he made his wish. He might get them back later…


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