Serafina Mesiocite

Author: Aa-chan
Race: Human, Toroian
Gender: Female
Age: 34 (upon death)
Date of Birth: April 2nd
Place of Origin: Toroia
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: 'Dark Violet'
Eye Color: 'Deep Blue.'
Occupation: Former Priestess
Nickname(s): 'Sera,' Sai,' Oh!-Treant!'
Appears In: Inter-Mezzo, Untouched…


Serafina is the wife of Tellah of Mysidia, and mother of Anna von Muir. She is the daughter of one of the eight sisters of Toroia, and was to become an Epopt/Cleric upon her mother's passing. She broke free from the church of the Earth Crystal shortly after she met Tellah, a traveling Red Mage, and eloped with him to Mysidia.

The enchantment of the Water Crystal did not sit well with Serafina, however. Especially sensitive to mana and its power, Serafina would often get sick from the constant pulsations of life. This only doubled when she was pregnant with her daughter, Anna.

Upon the child's birth, Serafina was so weak that she contracted a fatal fever known as 'Puepueral Fever.' She died holding the newborn in her arms, making Tellah promise to love and take care of her as he did her. She was buried in the gardens outside of Mysidia.


Serafina can be snarky and throw in a bit of sarcastic wit every now and then. Her true skill, however, lies in being a total ditz.



In Inter-Mezzo, Serafina's role is to provide support for her daughter, Anna von Muir, who is spared her life when her husband, Edward von Muir, shields her from an onslaught of arrows. She appears to her daughter as a ghost, popping up at unexpected times along her journey to help Cecil Harvey. Anna doesn't seem to mind this, and revels in her mother's company. Serafina provides support to Anna simply by cheering her up when she's down, whether it's comforting words, or an accident involving her ditzy personality.


In Untouched, Serafina is reunited with her lost husband, Tellah of Mysidia, in the afterlife. She is one of the main characters of the comic, reveling in her role as a forgotten ghost. There is very little to her appearance, other than combined comic relief with Tellah.


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