Sarisa Somael

A seductress, clothed in the darkest of night. She carries a secret that no one will ever know.

Author: Aa-chan
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: September 22nd
Place of Origin: Regume
Currently Located: Outskirts of Regume
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair Color: Dark black
Eye Color: Mahogany brown
Occupation: Seductress, Assassin
Nickname(s): Ise, Isa
Appears In: Bottled Epitaph, Aetherium Story


[ In an honest remark, Sarisa is still a fairly-new figment. I only developed her about three or so years ago. Arissa originally didn't have any family, but I thought about her family one day, and decided that she would've had a twin sister that looked nothing like her (fraternal). Too bad the joking always escalates… ]

Sarisa is Arissa's twin sister, and the reason why Arissa has a seal on her soul. As a child, Sarisa was always the loud, outspoken one, often getting into trouble, or worse. This changed when her parents sent her and her sister to the Elder Council of Regume on the Second War, where a man with influence within the council, Breigan, took them under his wing, and trained them in the arts of killing.

That's not to say the whole ordeal changed Sarisa completely. As an adult, she would laugh and carry on with her twin, having found little reason to stay sad. This would make Arissa angry, which Sarisa enjoyed wholeheartedly.

In later times, she grew to enjoy her magical prowess (which was doubled, thanks to Arissa's seal), and only heightened it further when she decided that seducing the "rat b*stards of Giliam" was the only prominent way to get information out of them, along with killing them if they didn't comply. This lead her to starting the first-ever Assassin's Guild, located on the outskirts of Regume. Disguised as a place of ill repute, it was easy to lead the soldiers and knights in, and grab information "clientele" needed.

Though she doesn't show it, Sarisa loves her twin sister very much. It was hard for her to accept her marriage to Giliam's Guard Captain, Johann Magelline, but she still supported it, deciding she could just seduce and kill Johann if he ever betrayed her sister.

Even after Breigan's death at the hands of Johann, she still remains faithful to his previous cause — peace without tyranny — and runs her guild as such.


Sarisa is quite the opposite of Arissa — way, way quite the opposite. Where Arissa is quiet and brooding, Sarisa is loud and boisterous. She's never afraid to turn down a fight, and is often seen getting into them. She has men problems, though, and will probably never settle down and marry, like her twin.

Skills and Abilities

  • Double Magic: The magic that was meant for Arissa, Sarisa controls. She knows both offensive and defensive magic, as developed by her late mother, Rosetta, and foster father, Breigan. As a seductress, she doesn't use this very much…
  • Innate Connection: A mind meld with her twin sister, Arissa, where she can hear her thoughts and such. She has adapted to turn this off when needed, though she'll often keep it on, especially when…
  • Seduction: Sarisa has mastered the art of seduction rather well, and uses it strictly for "job related purposes."

Special Items

  • Mothflame: A leather whip with its handle encrusted in butterfly-shaped rubies. It has the power to set things burning with a snap. She uses this strictly for fighting.
  • Green Pendant: A reminder that she, too, carries a heavy burden of having two powers bestowed inside her.
  • Jeweled Dagger: A present from Breigan. She killed her first victim with it, and keeps it in her boot a reminder of the weight of a life.

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