Samuel Aurora

"Some people are afraid of dark knights, but Lord Cecil looks like a nice man to me."

Author: Aldraia
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Baron
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Extremely pale grey
Nickname: Chance
Appears In: Crystal War, Children Caught


Samuel's parents were Mysidian; they moved to Baron several years before the Regicide. Samuel himself was born in Baron. As Baronians became more and more paranoid leading up to and following the Regicide, they quietly began to hide all the signs of their Mysidian origins, warning young Samuel to do the same. Samuel obeyed without really understanding, and ended up not having any close friends as a result of being absolutely terrible at keeping secrets.


Samuel has difficulty comprehending the idea that some truths are better left untold. He is honest and guileless, but as a result of his early childhood being during the darkest years he is shy and withdrawn, tending to hide from efforts to befriend him.

Skills and Abilities

See Beyond Sight: Samuel always sees what is real. He cannot be fooled by disguises and will always recognize a person, however much they have physically changed. This allowed him to identify the paladin who came to Baron as the same dark knight who used to visit the town. Samuel is incapable of seeing illusions; they simply do not exist for him. However, he can still be fooled by mind-magic provided it is not sight-based, and his inability to register the tiny discrepancies between how people see the world and how it really is tends to get him in trouble more often than it helps him.

Carpentry: Samuel is an apprentice carpenter.


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