SaiNo is a wallflower. She usually will let others run the show and remains quiet unless something must be said. Unless one of her friends is in trouble, she can be mellowest person you'll meet. Just don't mess with her friends…she can hold grudges.


Author: Yllamse
Race: Lunar
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: Ner'x 27 (Equivalent to July 08)
Place of Origin: Seli'ni
Currently Located: Unknonw
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Ivory White (with a faint blue/yellow sheen)
Eye Color: Hunter Green
Occupation: Assistant
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: Will make appearance after Simple Beginings.


SaiNo is an orphan. She was registered and lived in the Y'iardo Soh Center for 10 years until one day she didn't return from school. The incident was reported as a runnaway situation and it went cold after a while. SaiNo fell between the cracks of society.


SaiNo usually keeps her thoughts to herself. It is a rarity for her to speak more that a couple of sentences a day. If something interesting is being concocted, she will usually join in as a spectator. If said 'concoction' is falling appart at the seams, she will fix the situation only as a last resort. Usually she appears to be detached from everything, unless her friends or companions are in danger, then she acts accordingly. Facial expressions are rare, for SaiNo is introverted. Usually follows Marshi around to assist in his plans. She will aslo follow RaiTiLen to keep her out of trouble.

Skills and Abilities

  • Mana Foot: Recovers MP as she moves.
  • Soaring Heights: Leap over enemies and obstacles.
  • Dance: Technique that can harm enemies from a distance.
                                            • Witch Hunt Dance causes MP damage.
                                            • Wiznaibus Dance causes HP damage.
                                            • Forbidden Dance Dance with unexplainable moves. Can cause various abnormal status.
  • Mystic Arts: Negative Status Magic
                                            • Blind Rob targets of sight, reducing the success rate of their physical attacks.
                                            • Paralyze Render the target incapable of action .
                                            • Sleep Put the target into a deep slumber.
                                            • Petrify Turn the target's body into stone.
                                            • Invigoration Absorb HP from the target.
                                            • Empowerment Absorb MP from the target.
                                            • Quiescence Rob targets of speech, rendering them unable to cast magicks.
                                            • Delirium Causes the target to become delirious and act irrationaly.
                                            • Harmony Neutralize beneficial status effects on the target.

Special Items

  • Aegis Mantle: Cloth made of unknown materials. It is light and fireproof. (SaiNo uses this cloth as a weapon and a shield.)


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