Rynelda Starcrest Magelline

A girl with the sadness of a thousand, relearning how to smile again.


Author: Aa-chan
Race: Cris'Manthi
Gender: Female
Age: Appears five (Aetherium Story), then twenty (Bottled Epitaph)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Izdranae Forest
Currently Located: Giliam
Height: 3'2" (Aetherium Story), 5'2" (Bottled Epitaph)
Weight: 40 lbs (Aetherium Story), 110 lbs (Bottled Epitaph)
Hair Color: Medium blonde
Eye Color: Forest green
Occupation: Magician of House Magelline
Nickname(s): Starcrest
Appears In: Aetherium Story, Bottled Epitaph


Not a whole lot is known about the Cris'manthi, let alone this particular one. All that Arissa and Johann know is that Breigan came upon her in the Izdranae Forest (location north of Regume), and forcibly took her from her clan, making her his slave. That ends when Johann and Arissa rescue her from Breigan's clutches. When they set her back in the forest, she refuses to go back to her clan, saying she owes them a debt of gratitude. Johann then makes her his house's official magician.

Currently, she goes on adventures with Arissa.


Rynelda is an easy-going character, who'd much rather be the listener than the one talking. Her intentions are good, and it's not often that she's ever in the wrong. Though she was abducted by Breigan, and is shunned by many of her peers, she always manages to see the good in people, and believes in humanity.

Skills and Abilities

  • Elemental Magic: Fire: Each Cris'Manthi is blessed with an elemental magic, Rynelda's being fire. She specializes in this, but Lilian, Johann's mother, teaches her healing magic, and she is quick to learn other types as well.
  • Demon Form: When Rynelda's angry, or has a pent-up amount of energy, she will often shift forms into that of a girl with horns. This is currently uncontrolled.

Special Items

  • Jeweled Wand: A gold wand encrusted with rubies. This brings her prowess with fire to a higher degree.
  • Emerald Pendant: A pendant as green as her eyes. It was found on her person when Breigan kidnapped her.
  • Teddy Bear: A stuffed bear, given to her by Johann's mother, Lilian, whom made it.

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